Can the U.S. Auto Industry Keep the Momentum Going?

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Oct. 1 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Jamie Butters and Jason Harper examine the health of the U.S. auto industry. They speak with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

, jamie butters.

Let's start with you.

Tell us about the health of the u.s. on mobile industry.

People are buying cars.

They are.

Whether the government wants to go to work or not.

The fundamentals are still very strong.

Jobs are starting to come back.

A lot of old cars are on the road that need to be replaced.

A lot of people put off buying new cars.

So there is still good to demand.

This month was a short month.

The labor day holiday in all of the egg sales with that -- big sales with that fell into august.

But assuming the government goes back to work, the budget is settled, the fiscal cliff is avoided, the debt ceiling, i am sorry, is resolved, sales should chug along and happy days continue.

Happy days, does this mean increased shifts?

They really have.

You mentioned forward in the opening.

-- ford in the opening.

They added a shifted to make the fusion, the mustang factory south of detroit.

They added a shift to make f1 150's in kansas city.

You are seeing a lot of factories, including the jeep plant in detroit.

You get so much return on your investment when you run a factory for three shifts third jason harper, i would imagine at least according to your most recent column, ford should not add an additional shift when it comes to the lincoln mkz hybrid.

You don't like it.

Ford is doing well but link in the struggling.

It can figure out what it is.

-- lincoln is struggling.

It can't figure out what it is.

It is not luxurious.

I think cells have felt today with wink in -- lin === -- sales have fell today with lincoln.

$40,000? it was.

Basically you have a powered train that is underpowered.

It is rough.

It does not sound good.

It does not move you quickly.

45 miles per gallon, supposedly.

Ford had some issues with achieving the gas miles.

And i found significantly less, but i have a heavy foot.

I walked out thinking i can't wait to get into another car.

That is not what you want to think.

What about the brain and four?

What is their plan?

-- the lincoln plan for ford?

What is their plan?

The mkz is the first.

It shares a lot with the ford fusion, which has been successful.

Kind of on the high end of the family car market.

The mkz has not quite found its place.

I would be interested in what jason thinks.

It is a little bit more modern than some of the other lincolns.

They need a whole brand to go with it.

They are working on it but it is a long time coming.

I wonder, and there were going to give -- they weere -- how long they were going to give lincoln to do this.

I think the front is atrocious.

You're not expecting a christmas card from alan mulally , are you?

Let's talk about nissan.

The supercar.

You don't like it.

I wrote a column about cars that don't work for me.

Mkz is one of them.

Gtr, i love supercars.

The car is very fast.

Great on the track.

But does not speak to me emotionally.

A sports car has to speak to you emotionally.

The new corvette spoke to me.

This car is very automated.

It does everything for you.

I thought, you know what, it is not as exciting as it should be.

You're the kind of guy they could not open the gas cap on an aston martin.

It is a beautiful car.

Things tend to rattle around in them.

I had a $250,000 convertible and i went to pop the gas cap and it would not open.

I finally had to use the emergency release.

That did not work.

I called and said what do i do?

They said go ahead and jimmy it open, which is not what you want to hear.

Hitting potholes all over the country, what is it with the kinds of wheels and tires they are advising?

All of these upsells, bigger wheels, bigger rims.

Which are fine on european roads, where there is no potholes.

In detroit or new york, you hit a pothole, it sometimes knocks them off the rims.

In the case of the middle you, it is often flat tires.

Suddenly, -- of bmw, it is often flat tires.

It has happened to a lot of bmw drivers i know.

They ride rough.

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