Newsweek Writer: Standing by Bitcoin Founder Story

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March 7 (Bloomberg) -- Dorian S. Nakamoto, a 64-year-old physicist identified by Newsweek magazine as Bitcoin’s creator, denies any role in the digital currency. Author of Newsweek’s “The Face of Bitcoin” Leah McGrath speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Something else.

Nakamoto told the associated press he was understood -- misunderstood in the first time he heard of bitcoin was last month.

We are joined by the author of the "newsweek" piece.

Great to have you here.

Lots of controversy over this.

He basically now denying it.

Do you stand by your story?


I looked at all the different things he said in response to the query about what he thought we were talking about.

He told one reporter we were talking about a company he is to work for.

I was after he had read the story.

Then i heard today it was something about another reporter had said he thought we were talking about a confidentiality agreement.

The lead up to our discussion with each other had multiple times of me reaching out to him by e-mail.

I called them, i reached out to his son.

Both times bitcoin was made clear.

When i came to his home, i arrived and when he was not going to come to his door, we -- you were there with police officers?

I initially just knocked when he was there but he did not answer his door.

I left a note and a bit card and my business card.

He kept all that.

I left for two hours and returned.

There was plenty of time to digest what i left and reach out.

To now say that that was not clear, hard for me to believe.

Over at business insider he says, baloney.

"newsweek" is off the mark.

What do your critics get wrong?

Some of these criticism and skepticism is ok.

A lot of this is undocumented?

A lot of it was documented.

I don't care if it is a forensic research product.

You have a lot of critics right now.

This is your moment to say to them, you are all hot air.

Why are they all hot air?

I don't come off like that with everyone.

I am saying that the details reported was 100% correct.

All the research was true and all the backup research.

"the wall street journal" cannot confirm what "newsweek" said.

He apparently had said to you, i am no longer involved in that, referring to bitcoin.

And i cannot discuss it.

It has been turned over to other people and they are in charge of it now.

Did he detailed to you what his original connection to bitcoin was?

Absolutely not.

He did not want to talk about bitcoin.

He acknowledged the question.

He understood we were talking about bitcoin.

If he saying, i'm no longer involved in that -- no longer involved in that.

Saying no longer involved to me does not say i am not involved in that.

The last thing we said to each other was, i can knowledge to what he said and i said if you have no connection with bitcoin, you need to tell me now.

Said, i cannot do that.

That is setting up guilty until proved innocent.

What is the direct evidence you have, whether he has verified it or not, that this gentleman change the technology world with this currency?

I connected all of these dots through forensic research.

It is not about supporting what you think is true.

It's about illuminating what you think a candidate may or may not represent.

You are eliminating candidates.

We cannot illuminate this man at all and in my confrontation with him, he confirms his involvement.

Is that journalism that you're working on a construct where you are pulling away to -- we have eliminated these other people.

There could be other people out there you could do the same action with.

You can say, let's find reasons to support a person.

The best way to do forensic research is to eliminate people, not the other way around.

You don't say, i have a conjecture.

Let me find every way to support it.

I feel like it is sherlock holmes.

People in the bitcoin community are upset by this and it is created a lot of waves.

I just got an e-mail from the ceo of bit instant.

He's facing criminal charges for money laundering.

Charlie did reach out to me moments ago and he said, quote, this satoshi thing is a joke and the "newsweek" reporter has no evidence.

It is what we have heard from people in the bitcoin community.

Why would they want to be coming out against your story?

The community has been clear that there reading into the idea of him being anonymous.

We have to stop saying as reporters, it's no big deal who did this.

I'm ok with being skeptical of certain details, kicking the tires more.

I really do think there is more to that and i'm really happy -- this is not about bitcoin as much as it is about pointer or any other journalism institute in that your wonderful story which created a huge splash is based on forensic research which is not evidence or first order condition that so-and-so did whatever they did.

I don't consider it a lack of evidence at all.

What is your evidence?

Why don't you answer the question for the world that is riveted by your important story?

What is your evidence this guy is who he is?

You're saying there is no evidence?

I'm asking you what the evidence is.

I stand by every word.

If people want to say they don't feel it is compelling, that's fine.

We would not be sitting here if people did not find it compelling.

Let's be honest.

Someone saying to me, that's not evidence and there is no evidence is not good enough.

I would like to know how that's not good enough.

Define forensic research again.

I was talking about the process.

You don't say, this guy could be it.

This guy should be it and i were going to do reverse textual analysis.

This is the first time i have had bayesian theory on text.

We are arguing about what is evidence.

Did he actually say to you, i created bitcoin?


we would have quoted him.

He said he was no longer involved in this.

He was quite clear and it was clear it was bitcoin we are talking about.

He had turned it over to others.

Did he tell you that he invented this process?

I could not continue the

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