Can the Clippers Truly Become America’s Team?

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July 29 (Bloomberg) –- “The Agent” Author and Sports Agent Leigh Steinberg and Former Golden State Warriors COO and President Andy Dolich discuss the fight over ownership of the Los Angeles Clippers and the future of the team. They speak on ‘Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Clippers become america's team?

They can certainly become southern california's team because the lakers are in disarray.

They have brilliant stars in blake griffin and chris paul.

They have a wonderful coach who is also telegenic and have a brand-new owner who has deep pockets.

There's been a resolution.

Ding dong, the witch is dead.

Whack a mole.

Every time they thought they solved that he came up with a flotilla of new arguments.

People in los angeles are going to be delighted.

Andy dolich, are we heading to the endgame?

Donald sterling has two pending lawsuit still hanging out there.

Is there a chance he might get some momentum for any of that sort do you think -- or do you think this is a done deal?

The forlorn figure is a donald sterling waving goodbye to his franchise and courtside seat.

Other lawsuits, he said he will fight to the end and the juxtaposition is pretty stark and that cleveland, with lebron james coming back, a great moment for the nba and the kind of own the front pages with baseball in the ball getting started.

Yesterday, the nba players association becomes the first to select a woman, michelle roberts, to become their executive director and the sacramento kings, the little old sacramento kings signed a 20-year tv deal.

All of this is happening when the judge decided, from what i've seen, donald sterling, you are gone and the global superpower in microsoft and steve wal-mart will lay ball in the nba.

Not a bad day.

Steve ballmer certainly has deep pockets and he's shown he's willing to spend when it comes to this team.

What do you think is going to be the response among some of the players?

Having steve ballmer as their coach.

He will be very promotion-oriented.

Los angeles is a star city.

He will understand how to make staples into an incredible ancillary revenue stream.

He knows how to use social media and the internet to drive that product.

He's going to position the team towards an mega contract and television, which they do not have currently.

He understands how to use every part of multiple media to win the hearts and minds of angel inos and southern californians.

He has an incredibly marketable product.

People will be greatly enthused.

The team on the other side of the street just hired to coach it it does not appear they will do any better than 500 this year.

This is a golden opportunity and he can jump into the centerpiece of the second-largest market in the country, a start loving city.

Let me ask you, leigh, about recruiting the best players.

Dick parsons said they were at a competitive disadvantage because the top talent did not necessarily want to come and entertain the thought of being on the clippers because they did not know who would own it come fall.

How much does that change now that steve ballmer will be able to own the team and will they be able to get the best player?

The type of players i represent will be standing in line to come play for the clippers.

You have the chance every single year to win a championship in the second-largest market.

You will play in the staples center in front of huge crowds.

You will have the opportunity for endorsements.

It's the second-largest market in the country.

There are a million people within driving distance of staples arena and it is showtime in the clipper-ville.

Showtime indeed.

Leigh and andy, good to see you

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