Can T-Mobile, Sprint Make the Case for a Merger?

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June 5 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Alex Sherman and Walter Piecyk, telecom and tech media analyst at BTIG, examine the prospects of a merger between T-Mobile and Sprint, as the companies agree on terms of a deal and breakup fee, and the uphill battle the companies will face in getting regulatory approval for the deal. They speak on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.”


Quickly before we run out of time, was there anything that happened recently that persuaded these companies that worth continuing these negotiations and agreeing on terms in principle?

I think getting over the hump as far as who is running the company.

You had dan on here not long ago.

I think he conceded maybe he's not the guy to run the company going forward.

If air t mobile standpoint, when at&t was coming in, it was very disruptive.

If they come to an agreement that t mobile can be the guys running it, they could be the uncarrier on steroids, it makes it more pat lattable for deutsch telecom to try and go in frovent regulators.

That was a key factor i think in moving forward.

Guys, thanks so much.

Appreciate your break down on

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