Can Stocks Stay Immune to Geopolitical Risks?

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Aug. 5 (Bloomberg) -- Kiran Ganesh, cross asset strategist at UBS Wealth Management, discusses whether or not equities will be able to ignore growing geopolitical risks and how European gas supplies may impact sanctions on Russia. He speaks with Jonathan Ferro on “On The Move.”

Even with last week's standoff, stocks and global equities have been resilient to geopolitical tension.

It is something that continues even though we are starting to see a visible impact and some of the numbers?

Yes, we have been watching all of it was a great deal of interested in terms of the geopolitical offenses happening in the past few months.

And for now and north america should be relatively immune to russia for example and the eurozone and gdp and it will have impact on interruption.

We see the key thing to watch is still the energy prices and crude oil prices at 105 dollars a barrel.

When viewed as perfectly manageable in a developed world and would take prices to go above $120 before we get more concerned.

Gas prices as well remain remarkably low.

The eu has not touched the gas sector.

Is this going to come down to the weather?

As a gets colder, do the russians hold the stronger hand?

We have seen in previous years, russia has used the cold weather in the winter for example in the case of the ukraine and 2008 and 2009. yes, of course, gas is needed and russia.

Her hand.

Strong interest to keep it flowing.

-- yes, of course, when gas is needed and russia has the strongest hand.

Europe is dependent on russian energy.

We think it is very much in both countries' interests to keep the supply flowing.

Kiran ganesh of ubs, thank

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