Is Howard Stern's Magic for Sirius XM Eroding?

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Feb. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg senior West Coast correspondent Jon Erlichman examines the “Howard Stern Effect” on the business of Sirius XM on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

May be starting to slip.

His magic power going?

He has a big job.

Here's the thing.

When series exempt signed him this was a huge bet that they could bring in new listeners, but a lot has changed over the last few years.

Yet been able to bring a lot of people to that form -- he has been able to bring a lotta people to that platform, and now they want to keep from losing subscribers.

People do not go into the store for one performer.

There's growing competition.

Players like pandora, they are battleing series e --sirius xm.

They had 25 million takes subscribers, and that generate a lot of cash, you cover liberty media very closely but that is a company that is interested in taking full control of serious xm -- sirius xm radio.

Thank you.

Jon erlichman, our senior west coast correspondent.

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