Will Scarlett Johansson Help Sell SodaStream?

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Jan. 14 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg News’ Duane Stanford examines results from Sodastream and their first celebrity endorser on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

Up and down.

It has been a volatile stock, but yesterday slide was something else.

What was going on here?

Investors like the stock because of the growth rate over time.

If there is any chance that will not happen, they sent the stock down quick.

They did not raise the forecast as expect did.

It came right back down and came up after that.

Any sense that this will be the the front?

The question right now is will they be able to add distribution.

A were on the great clip for a time.

They had rate stuff going on with the super bowl last year.

In the last year there is worries about whether they can continue to distribute the machines of the same rate.

One of the most important things to remember is they sell the machine but they have to sell the razor blade, two, the carbonation cartridges and syrups.

They have seen competition from the original soda makers, coca-cola and pepsi?


They are trying to take shares some those company.

There is a waste talk to step in and buy one of the companies.

There was a rumor that pepsico might be interested.

The experts say it is not enough of a threat right now.

You have other companies like green mountain.

That could threaten it as well.

We will see.

I mentioned scarlett johansson right off the top.

She is a high-profile higher to try to market the machines.

Does this strike you as one desperate move to generate publicity?

Pretty much the model for start up soft drink companies to take on a celebrity.

A lot of times they will offer and equity state or a piece of the company.

You taken on to get the visibility, get them in various magazines.

They were held a super bowl spot this year.

They had a controversial ad where they took aim at the coax and pepsi's of the world.

-- coke's and pepsi's of the world.

It is key they figure out how to get people to buy more syrups.

I spoke with someone last night and asked them if they use the syrup.

They just carbonate water.

If a lot of people do that, it could be a problem.

It will be interesting if she helps to push not just the equipment itself, but the syrups as well.

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