Can One Machine Break Every Encryption Code?

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Jan. 3 (Bloomberg) –- Rambus CRI Division President Paul Kocher discusses the possibility of the NSA building an encryption-cracking quantum computer with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)


What do you think about this supercomputer.

Break all kinds of encryptions anywhere?

We don't know it can be built.

But if someone managed to build one, it would have huge implications.

Do you think something like this could already exist?


The number of break-thruse to build a quantum computer would be hard to fathom.

Kind of at the point where -- figured the math by hand and build micro chips to get the skill to go from where we are now to where we need to be.

Without getting too far into the wees, what is it about a quantum computer that can crack encryption?

How does the technology work?

You do many, many encryptions to do the right answer.

Instead of running each input separately, you can run many at once.

You can be testing many keys all at the same time with one through the computer.

Instead of working in bina rmp y but working with a complex wave form.

And find answers quicker.

Does anybody else have this kind of technology?

There are no quantum computers that can break the codes.

There are some systems, but they work on a different system but not useful for code-breaking.

If anyone was doing it, wouldn't it be the n.s.a.? it could.

N.s.a. and quapt umh -- what do you worry about?

User error, inside jobs, failure to incript things that should be encrypted.

Vullneshbilities, the crisis problems and we can't for the most part as an industry build is is systems that are career even against the known threats.

These aren't the ones.

Companies like yahoo!

And microsoft, they are trying to protect their data more securely than it already has been protected, but is there any way for these companies to really do something that is completely fail-safe?

Something like the n.s.a.? it is possible to build systems that are resistant to quantum computers as well.

But right now, the challenges, for example, that google is going through and installing encryption for the first time.

So getting something that works is the first step and maybe at some point in the future there will be additional upgrades.

Someone in the security world, you studied it for such a long time, what do you make of all the revelations what the n.s.a. has been doing and the stuff that snowden has brought to light?

I'm conflicted about it.

I'm times there are is a government agency doing something technologically successful.

On the other hand there is a use of people's information for a power that is not necessarily benefiting the owner of that data and certain lack of respect and certain lack of care for privacy that is troubling.

As a society, we have to figure out how we want that line to be drawn.

What would be a better way of doing business?

Dirty nasty business involves breaking rules, hurting people.

I mean it's always been nasty.

And i think as a democracy, we have to figure out, what do we want there and there is no good

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