Obama Must Work to Get Mojo Back This Year: Hunt

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Jan. 6 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Al Hunt discusses President Obama's poll numbers and agenda on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers." (Source: Bloomberg)

His groove back?

A lot.

Last year was a terrible year for the president.

Some things are within his control.

He has to end this insularity.

He has brought in good people into the white house.

He has to play a major role in setting the agenda.

If the voters and politicians are talking about health care all year, that is bad.

If they are talking about the economy and the uneven economy and minimum wage and unemployment insurance, that is good.

He can control that to some extent.

Other things are beyond his control.

He has to be lucky.

Sometimes it is better to be lucky than good.

Does he have the right people around him?

In his first time -- first term, he was surrounded by clinton ites.

Has he got the right people?

It was a very tight circle making decisions over the last year.

It has to be more broad, with people with different backgrounds.

Katie fallon gets high remarks from people out there.

Social era who has been brought back, will he be listening to those people when decisions are made?

Will it be a broader circle?

I think sometimes they have shown the noun this of their approach.

Them i can anyone convince -- can anyone convince them to go along with them?

I envision very little -- doesn't that break your heart?

It is a dysfunctional system which is unfortunate, because there are some things that should get done.


40% chance to get it done should be a 95% chance.

It is necessary.

Senate passed a pretty good bill.

That is the poster child of this function -- of dysfunction.

There is optimism about american politics because what we saw play out in the fall with the tea party and the extreme right of the republican party, it seasons of the agenda.

That will not work out anymore.

The moderate republicans are going to win the day.

Do you agree with soros?

We have been rating -- waiting for moderate republicans as long as we have been waiting for moderate iranians.

The establishment will take on the tea party -- i don't believe it will happen.

So the majority is wrong?

I think he is wrong.

For the president get lucky?

We saw the stock market improve, people are feeling like we are in a real recovery.

He could see corporate america invest and expand.

When people have jobs and money, they feel good.

Could the president lockout?

-- lockout?

-- luck out?

Sure, he could.

People are being left behind, and we have to do something about that.

If you do that when the economy is doing lousy, it looks like class warfare and it cannot succeed.

I think he has the setting to talk about those issues.

They are very serious issues and if you look at people like steven rattner, he used to be a top wall street executive, the evidence is conclusive.

We will see the president can do it effectively.

You say it will help with the have wins on foreign policy, like the deals between the israelis and the palestinians.


I can see it in the case of the israelis and the palestinians how it would help one constituency, but do americans care about foreign policy right now?

No, they don't. it helps in two ways.

If you have the failure, that hurts.

If he has a success, people aren't saying i worry about the arabian -- the iranian nuclear deal, or i have a job, or my kids have an education, but it looks like he is achieving something, and accomplishment.

I think it would be good for him to have a few successes.

He needs to listen to more people outside his inner circle.

Maybe he should listen to you, al.

I would say that except for one thing.

I saw the show.

I have a terrible confession to make.

This is --. you just made my day.

I told stephanie that he

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