Can Netflix Import European Success to U.S. Market?

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Oct. 22 (Bloomberg) -- Richard Broughton, head of broadband at IHS Technology, discusses how Netflix is looking to translate European success into the U.S. market and looks at the new tablets being unveiled today. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”

Read across what this can't do good to potentially in the united states?

Deals that are being done here could be replicated elsewhere.

The u.k. and sweden are interesting markets for netflix.

There are markets where netflix has managed to get a foothold in the sum of the premium content.

In the u.k., they picked up some films.

In sweden, making similar moves.

There are markets that are very -- consumers are very aware of the video-on-demand services that netflix are making available.

This is helping netflix generate traction in these markets.

The united states differs in some ways to what we see here in europe in terms of structure of the television market and the way people consume and the nature of the cable market as well.

How easy is it to read across?

There are some significant things that happen over here, but other differences we should also be aware of?

Yes, significant difference.

The structure is very different.

In europe, you'll typically find a single gate keeper controls the rights.

In the u.k., we know sky very well.

This means it is often more difficult for certain companies to make an entry point.

There is more for an incumbent to lose.

In u.s., the premium rights art joined -- controlled by channel groups.

There's a different dynamic in the market.

While there are certain similarities in terms of the technological advancements in the markets, the content structure ensures that two markets cannot be treated exactly in the same way.

We're talking a lot about tablets today and smartphones, for that matter.

Nokia has just unveiled a whole bunch of them.

Tonight we will see apple updating the ipad.

This -- we are already aware of what is happening, so this has to be a massive opportunity of netflix.

Certainly, for netflix and other content companies.

The tablet has outperformed in terms of media consumption that by the end of the year, we will probably be 20 million tablets and u.k.. bbc iplayer from about one third of consumption is by tablets and smartphones.

Smart phones and tablets are roughly equivalent in terms of the number of hours that are spent on them.

That is interesting, largely due to the fact there are more smartphones in the market.

Tablets are more appropriate device for media consumption.

We expect public growth in u.k. to double and it will be roughly 40 million tablets over the next 5 years.

That is a lot of consumers potentially we can reach an netflix can reach directly and on a personal level.

Richard, we will leave it there.

Thank you for the update.

Richard from ihs technology.

Let's turn our attention to the jobs report.

The september jobs report more than three weeks delayed, will be released this morning.

Joining us now is michael mckee and jonathan ferro.

Mike, you say the real question is whether the investors or the said there about the report anymore.

Old data, what was happening in the week of september 12, it is a bit like checking the multi-leftovers -- multi- leftovers in the refrigerator to see if something is still edible.

180 thousand jobs, no change in

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