Can Netflix Bring the Returns in 2014?

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Dec. 26 (Bloomberg) – On today’s “The Closer,” Bloomberg Industries' Paul Sweeney reports on the top 3 stocks of 2013 and if they can continue the momentum into 2014 with Trish Regan and Adam Johnson on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

He has been top ranked by institutional investors.

Always a pleasure to have you here, paula sweeney.

Netflix, best buy, two of the top three.

They are up more than 240%. terrific performance.

The question is, have they tapped out, can they see this continued upside into next year?

The next books -- netflix story is an incredible story.

This stock has been consistently in momentum stock driven by subscribers.

If you think about netflix, are they continue to add subscribers oblique?

If you think they are, the bulls will tell you that is the driver of the stock.

30 million subscribers in the u.s., 10 million outside.

The bulls will tell you this is entering into a global story, it is about the growth of online video.

That is what will be needed to drive subscribers.

Carl icahn was a big supporter.

I also spoke to his sons partner.

It was interesting because carl decided they needed to get out.

I do not know if that sentiment was echoed across the board.

I would say david and brett love the company and spoke a lot about the potential would subside -- subscriber growth, and that was the key.

Karl says that when anything is better than 300%, you take the money and run and you do not want to push your luck.

I wonder if investors are looking at the stock performance so well and they say, maybe i need to look at the bottom of the barrel, such as you pointed out.

One of the bullish case for the netflix story is the global growth of broadband connections.

If you think about how you will get online video outside of the u.s. where you do not have a robust cable or telco plan, it is wireless broadband.

If you look at the long-term projections over the last -- next five years, wireless deployment in europe and asia, some very bullish forecast.

If you think that will come to fruition, that would drive consumption of online videos.

Which companies are doing the best?

If you agree with that theme, the buildout of broadband, who is doing it best?

In europe, liberty global is one of the larger companies.

If you think about the european cable companies, they are deploying broadband fiber points to drive wireless consumption on your devices.

Content wise, i was speaking to someone in hong kong, and they said they could not get it looks there.

Are their contact -- content agreements?

Yes, that could be a tough

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