Can Lululemon Come Back From Founder's Misstep?

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Nov. 8 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Jeffrey Hayzlett, Matt Miller and Julie Hyman debate Lululemon's recent public relations problems. They speak on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

The backlash means for the lulul emon bottom line -- no pun intended -- jeff haslett.

I want everyone to hear exactly what he said in case you did not catch it earlier in the week.

Some women's bodies just don't work for it.

How much pressure is there, rubbing between the thighs.

Not everybody's body works for the pants and it comes back to i guess if your thighs touch you cause more pilling.

Both of those make sense to you.

I don't understand.

What's wrong?

He's not saying they make it roddick for everyone.

-- is not saying they make a product that is for everyone.

Guys, let me jump in here.

This is one question guys should never answer.

If your wife asks if this makes her but look big you never answer.

Quest that's what i said.

You don't want to get into this.

He's created another new position called get your foot out of your mouth.

I don't know what's wrong with these kind of guys.

Michael jeffery says they don't sell to fat people.

Very stupid move.

$67 million lost when they had the sheer problem and now sells will go down -- sales will go down.

When you ask him if he was going to get back into the business and they said they were too we althy?

Hang on.

What jeff is talking about is i asked him if he would go back and be ceo because they're looking for one.

He says, you know, we are too ea wealthy.

Back to the issue.

Women don't want to hear that it's their fault that the pants don't fit.

How can you actually say something like that?

It's not that he was saying not all women could wear lululemon pants.

Not all people should wear all styles of clothing.

This is something we all recognize.

Let me finish.

That's not the issue.

Lululemon has had quality control problems.

You do not have to differentiate how everyone can fit into this size of the pants and lame quality control on that fact.

-- and blame quality control.

I was so -- when he was honest and truthful instead of speaking in marketing speak.

It's insulting.

It's insulting to women for him to say that.

I disagree.

The pants were fine and all of a sudden he had to recall them because of a sheer problem and he said it's not our problem.

It's women's problems?

This is one of the biggest stupid pr mistakes.

He should have said, i apologize.

Julius pointing out a bigger fundamental problem for the business.

Who is in charge?

This is about a small company that is now in the big leagues.

I said this seven months ago.

Someone should be catching these kinds of mistakes whether they are having sheer problems they should have been caught along the process.

They have bigger growing issues than a chairman mousing off and saying the stupidest and he could possibly say.

This doesn't help.

Think about it.

If you are a lululemon customer and you are upset by the pants -- you don't want me to be a customer.

I'm the wrong customer.

You don't want to see me doing a downward dog.

This is an eccentric guy.

This is not the first time when he courted controversy.

Remember when he wanted the ayn rand quote on the bag?

Don't forget there have been other ceos on the apparel sidetrip been just as controversial.

Michael jeffries from abercrombie & fitch.

They said they did not sell to fat people.

They have inventory problems now.

These really hurt you when you have system problems and this is what we are going to start to see.

I would get a ceo in there as fast as possible.

Get someone in there who knows how to run the business and stay off the roadways -- stay off of the media.

You cannot stop stupid.

That's the bottom line.

People make mistakes and that's a normal kind of thing in business.

And the truth hurts.

You don't want to hear it.

When your wife comes out and asks if those pants make her butt look big, you get outrage when you answer the question and you are outraged at the sky to say he's too wealthy to take the job.

It's the honest answer but her some reason we cannot deal with it.

You don't say that when you're the chairman of a company and you are one of the major stockholders.

There's no way you say that.

It sends the wrong message to your employees, your shareholders, and her customers.

You need to be sympathetic.

Is this a pr nightmare for them at this point?

It's everywhere, jeff.

Without question.

He answer the wrong question.

He should have just apologized.

Then he went on to talk about the program which you never asked about.

Does it hurt sales?

To jeff's point, the key point is not whether the chairman is saying things but can it get a ceo in place and improve the supply chain and quality control problems?

They're not going to -- here is a tweet from jcpenney getting in on this.

When it comes to yoga pants, we fit any female.

[laughter] those of the customers he does not want, the one that jcpenney.

We are talking about different rice points when we talk about jcpenney.

It will hurt their business but they can recover, no doubt about it.

It is just a stupid move on their part.

They have one of those almost cultlike brands.

People just love them.

They are emphatic.

They go out of their way to show people what they are wearing.

The bigger question julie hit on it.

Get a ceo in place.

Get roddick management solved so you fix these problems before they come issues and you don't have to comment.

-- get product management solved.

I'm sending matt a pair of

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