Can Jay-Z Make a Play as a Sports Agent?

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Oct. 3 (Bloomberg) -- DLA Piper Partner Chuck Baker discusses Jay-Z's future as a sports agent with Stephanie Ruhle on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers." (Source: Bloomberg)

Sports agent?

I think donnie jones hit on a lot of good points.

The combination of jay-z and rock nation sports is compelling, especially for the young athlete.

When you merge that with his strategic relationship with one of the largest global brand ambassadors and sports talent agents and the world, you have a compelling venture.

That said, athletes are looking beyond the old paradigm as athlete as player to looking at it as athlete as player, athlete as performer, athlete as entertainer.

Are they looking too far beyond?

At the end of the day, aren't they athletes?

Does everybody need to be a brand?

I don't think everybody can be one.

Certain athlete can command the international stage and get top dollar from consumers and have a big place in the marketplace and grow internationally.

I don't think an agency like this is for everybody.

What's going to be important is how rock nation sports does over the test of time.

Most athletes other than superstars are making most of their money through their playing contract.

So if they are able to sit -- able to negotiate significant contracts for their stable of clients, they should have staying power.

If they can't, they won't. of what jay-z bring you is the opportunity to build a brand and turn yourself something into more transcendental.

How many brands can one support at a time question were the value of live sports and sports content to media has been driven through the roof.

It is one of the few mediums that is dvr proof.

The appetite american and globally for sports programming is pretty insatiable.

But how many of those athletes on the field are brand worthy?

Maybe today is different from the 60s or 70s, but even if you have global exposure, there are only so many people who can transcend the role as athlete.

I don't disagree.

It goes to my point that for some athletes, the tiger woods, the lebron james, -- may be jay-z has a very small business opportunity.

There are enough athletes out there that transcends the playing field that jay-z has a real opportunity.

When you look at his combination of caa and its work with fortune 500 brands, there are a lot of athletes that realize that the powerful combination and a chance to build a brand.

I will make one other point.

Jay-z is a leader in social media and new media deals.

I think he has over 3 million twitter followers.

Athletes are recognizing that one way to build your brand is on social media.

I think jay-z is cutting edge in that regard.

I think it goes back to what kind of deal can i cut for my players on a field for performing their sport.

But they are not all jay-z. can one make the argument that he has the it factor?

Just because he touches you doesn't mean you are going to get that shawn carter fire.

I think jay-z is jay-z and there's an appeal to young athletes in particular to being affiliated with jay-z. so you are teeming with a stable of entertainment clients that are exciting, that are now and trendsetting.

There is only one jay-z. it will be interesting to see how he performs.

Does it help if he says that rihanna is sitting right behind the dugout.

Does that kind of cross marketing your athletes do something for you?

I think you need to ask robinson that question.

There is a certain appeal to many young athlete being associated with entertainment talent.

Does that make him have more twitter followers?

I don't know.

I get the sex appeal and i keep going back to a point which is what is my contract going to say ? where will it end up?

I don't know.

We will go to some pretty

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