Can Jamie Dimon’s Pay Spark Political Populism?

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Jan. 24 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Contributing Editor David Plouffe discusses reports of Jamie Dimon’s increased compensation at JPMorgan and how that plays on Main Street on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

They are they put this behind them.

That is the key thing.

Have they paid all of the fines?

Are they out of the trouble?

They always have more fines.

More problems coming, more investigations.

I will be tough.

If they have put this behind them, then there's a strategy.

They have to reboot and move beyond.

That is what they're hoping.

They may put it behind them as far as regulators, but what about the general public?

Isn't this a broader issue for members of congress?

Americans do not see themselves getting a raise.

They have to be outraged by something like this.

You see a naked populism up there.

All over incomes.

There's populism and the republican party as well.

That will be an important story.

You will see more and more.

Most people -- a lot have not recovered from the recession.

Many people feel at their running in place.

They see behavior on wall street as a cheap intruded to the recession.

There at a record high.

These folks are working higher and higher.

Their wages are stagnant.

Do we end up like ukraine?

Or do we end up like teddy roosevelt in the early 1900? what voters want to see, what americans want to see, is opportunity.

This that thing is, there are a lot of people who do not believe that the american dream is obtainable.

They need to obtain their education through manufacturing.

More importantly, their kids can get ahead.

You will see a lot of unrest.

We have had a lot of turbulent elections.

We may see more of that.

People should feel that they have people in charge who are moving not just the country, but giving them opportunities.

We do have a headline crossing now.

It is about argentina.

The paste it was getting hammered the last couple of days.

They have currency controls in place to drive people out of the dollar and into the peso.

They're lifting those controls and giving in.

We will soon affect that has.

Continuing to spark more selling.

We will keep an eye on them.

Let's get to company news as well.

We will start with carl icahn.

He says he is ready for a fight over ebay.

He is telling the wall street journal that he expects ebay to resist his proposal that they

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