Israel's Attacks Making Hamas Stronger: Haass

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July 14 (Bloomberg) -- Boston Properties Chairman Mort Zuckerman and Council on Foreign Relations President Richard Haass discuss the Israeli crisis on “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

This kind of extreme force in response?

I think they are a very small country surrounded by countries that are trying to destroy them.

I have here a thing from hamas, a whole series of television programs in which they say to their kids that there is no such thing as israel.

All of it will return to us.

These are pictures that are put out why the palestinian media.

Anybody who knows that region knows there is an unrelenting attack on israel in every possible way whether it is propaganda or public affairs or military or intelligence.

It's everything.

This whole thing changed once you had weaponry that was rocketry.

The israelis have this protective system, the iron dome where they could interdict these missiles being sent.

You can imagine if united states had canada sending in these missiles every day what the response would be.

Let me all this up for our viewers.

This is from the palestinian media and watch.

-- media watch.

You see this on television that there is no such thing as israel.

According to hamas-tv and the israeli said that is adjusted occasion for defending themselves from this kind of attack.

What is your response?

Israel, like any nationstate, has the right to self-defense.

The problem with the israeli strategy -- it is really the israeli predicament -- is that it cannot illuminate hamas politically or militarily -- eliminate hamas politically or militarily.

To some extent, it could strengthen hamas because hamas will survive even if it is weekend.

It would reinforce its standing as the only palestinian group willing to stand up to israel.

In the short run, the best strategy for israel is to figure out a way of getting what the promised her called calmk for calm, a cease-fire which does not resolve the situation but at least calms it and i think the israelis need to reconsider their diplomatic or political strategy and what they can do to possibly split hamas away from the less radical palestinians and see if they can get serious about negotiating a deal with those palestinians who essentially run the west bank.

I agree with that but having been directly involved, i can say they have been trying to negotiate with them.

Anyone who sees what hamas does or says not only to the israelis but their own people, hamas is not prepared to do it.

No one is suggesting that israel negotiate with hamas.

My point is that the israelis need a strategy for negotiating with those palestinians who at least have been historically prepared to negotiate and to accept israel.

They have not been historically prepared to make major compromises for peace.

They have been trying to have these negotiations and they have been unsuccessful.

There is a struggle between hamas and the slightly more moderate groups.

The moderate groups are afraid to be too moderate because hamas appeals to the fundamental views of a lot of the palestinians.

It's a hugely complicated thing and the israelis have tried to develop this kind of peaceful resolution for decades and it has not taken place.

It will take an outside party, for example the americans, if they could handle themselves which hopefully they can, to lead the two of them together to a common ground.

Do you think the americans have the wherewithal to broker something?

History would suggest a little bit of modesty.

In a number of american secretaries of state and administrations have tried.

In this particular circumstance, i don't think the situation is particularly rife for a diplomatic breakthrough.

Joh n kerry tried but it's the only real game in town.

You need to strengthen the palestinians on the west bank economically and one has to build them up more in the security sense and then you've got to put something generous on the table.

I think that is the only hope we have lest we find ourselves every couple of years facing a new hamas-led attack with more dangerous attacks.

Thank you for joining us.

We will talk about more domestic issues including the jobs market.

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