Can Hosting World Cup Bring Brazil Tourism Success?

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June 9 (Bloomberg) -- MDC Partners Founder, Chairman and CEO Miles Nadal discusses the Brazil World Cup and how it can translate into future tourism revenue. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Talk and say they are canceling their tickets and their flights and not going.

They have made a bet on the future of tourism.

The idea behind hosting the event is the 12 cities will be a showcase for the city.

Then people will come back.

The london olympics were a huge success.

Was it a success for the city of london when you think about the amount of money they are spending?

There is a difference between the olympics and the world cup.

The passion of the world cup fans is unlike anything.

If you put them in a dumpster, nobody would care.

They are so passionate about the national pride they have in their team and winning, 600 million dollars is being spent by marketers on the tv contract alone.

There is a huge interest.

There is the passion that people feel for the sport.

The actual environment and how the percent of the completion and the infrastructure is secondary to the actual event itself.

I think it is going to be a great success.

If there is a global tragedy -- there are going to be domestic protests.

Those protests could get ugly.

There is a group of anarchists that infiltrate these protests.

There is going to be a huge amount of police and other kinds of security.

They had in london.

Their paranoia was like what they had in london.

They will ensure that there is not anarchy and things are safe.

, at the end of the day why do people spend billions of dollars?

Why did london do that?

They are making a long-term investment in bringing tourism to the country for a generation.

Does brazil have the ability to make that that given the financial situation the country is him?

They are going through great difficulty.

The economy -- this is not a trillion dollars.

In relation to their economy, it is a modest investment.

This also says with the countries priorities are.

They want education.

They went housing.

They don't want new stadiums.

This is like making investments in las vegas.

You made them last year and then the world turned.

They were awarded the world cup in 2007. seven years later you say it wasn't such a great idea in relation to what we saw seven years ago.

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