Can Greek Yogurt Sell as a Super Bowl Snack?

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Jan. 28 (Bloomberg) -- Art D’Elia, vice president of marketing at The Dannon Company, explains their tactic of selling yogurt to football fans during the Super Bowl on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Yogurt on the football crowd?

We believe in healthier foods and we want americans to eat healthier.

We think yogurt is a great way to eat healthier.

The super bowl has been dominated by beer and junk food historically.

We think yogurt has a role in the super bowl.

Doritos has won the award for advertiser of the year.

Ui model -- you are not alone.

Ciobani had an ad last year.

We think it elevates the prominence of the category.

We so great about our ad, our products, we think the greek yogurt we are putting up -- they have done well and all that.

They have recharged the line.

What is the battle in the dairy section of my grocery store?

How do you handle that's what are their eight yogurts?

A couple dozen?

Is there an overcapacity of yogurts?

The yogurt category in the u.s. is still very underdeveloped.

You go to europe, you see two aisles of yogurt.

Here, the average is only 18 feet.

We think there is a huge opportunity to grow.

The reason for those different yogurts is that consumers have different needs.

We believe in serving each of those needs.

A digestive health products come away control product -- did you see how we looked at me when he said weight control product?

[laughter] i'm not sure that yogurt -- this is a country that rolls on mighty wings.

I would love to see yogurt catch on, but i am not too sure about it.

You have a new advertising program.

Experimental activation.

Super bowl, for example, used to wait until the big day to reveal the ads.

It was all about the big unveil.

A lot is in the lead up now to the super bowl.

We are taking advantage of that this week.

We released our ad and already have 2 million views.

Vevo reinvented music videos.

The speed of change within your world is so great.

Large, entrenched companies have to adapt to a world, don't they?

You guys are making the rules.

Everybody's looking to reach people and authentic and emotional ways.

Music kenexa's billions of people on the planet.

-- connects billions of people on the planet.

I want to ask you come one of comes to your budget, how much of your budget are you blowing on the super bowl?

The average cost for a 32nd advertising -- 30 second advertising is $4 million.

It certainly is a big investment.

We still think the super bowl is a good investment.

It is far and away the largest advertising platform and the second-biggest american food holiday behind thanksgiving.

How do you measure the effectiveness of the ad?

At the end of the day, it is all about sales.

That is the metric that matters the most.

Do you eat the fruit on the bottom of the yogurt?

They invented it in 1947. i much prefer to put fresh fruit and it.

What percentage of people eat the fruit yogurt thing and did not eat the fruit?

I never do.

I don't mind the honey.

Are you a digger?

Think about the food supply has changed since the 1970's. fresh fruit is so much more available.

We had chipotle on yesterday.

They came up with a miniseries to advertise.

We could absolutely dabble in longform content.

We have thought about that.

We still think that the super bowl ad and some of the b roll footage that we have around the reunion make for great content that consumers really get into.

Thank you so much.

Vice president of marketing at dannon.

We want to get you a data check.

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