Can Former Groupon CEO Mason Make a Comeback?

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July 30 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Businessweek’s Brad Stone reports on former Groupon CEO Andrew Mason’s GPS-based audio walking tour project. Stone speaks on “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Entertaining and i would expect nothing less.

As we were doing one of these detours, rate san francisco tourist neighborhood, walking to the boats and listening to our iphones, synchronizing the tours, go to a specific area and a fisherman is talking and he is very earnest about this experience.

Yes, andrew mason has a great sense of humor.

But he had not the most dignified -- so why?

First of all, it is a big market.

Andrew with groupon was all about getting people out of the house and experiencing their cities into new ways but he has a couple former groupon and juniors working on this.

-- groupon engineers working on this.

Location-based phones, gps, all these things can create a better experience.

It is not just a walking sprints, it is entertainment.

We did a tour and a grateful dead lyricist narrated it.

It brings the neighborhood alive.

There is an idea there and we will see when detour enters the market place.

With the ipo, the bad publicity had already started.

What is his sort of post-groupon view?

There we are.

What does he have to say about it?

He was upfront when he was fired -- "i was fired." he takes a lot of the blame for what went wrong.

Primarily that they went public way too early.

A rapid growth company, hundreds and millions, billions of revenue in just one year.

Obviously, they had a lot of organizational problems.

To figure that out in public is hard.

He wanted to address the relationship with the board.

He said "yeah, we're great friends, we visit each other all the time," and it is clear he was joking and there was tension in that relationship.

It seems like he is still pretty well-connected with some of the bigwigs in silicon valley.

He still has got a good reputation at least among them.

Yeah, and i asked him why he'd did this -- why he would do this and he says "what else would i do?" he still has a lot of ideas come he is young -- 34. i don't think it is a quest for redemption.

He wants to build something that enlivens cities.

He talked about a populist rift and he says that there would be no more reason to live ou -- leave our living rooms.

He says he wants to get this out before we disappear into virtual reality.

That is a good point.

We will be watching and listening to his album of work songs, "hardly working." he actually made an album.

I don't know how tongue-in-cheek it was pretty calls of the best thing you has ever done.

-- he calls of the best thing he has a gun.

Brad st -- best thing he

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