Can Ford’s Alan Mulally be Microsoft’s Next CEO?

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Sept. 27 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Matt Miller examines the possibility of Ford CEO Alan Mulally taking ther top spot at Microsoft and replacing Steve Ballmer as CEO. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Known for his work at boeing, goes to ford.

Wouldn't it be easy to go back to washington state?

He wouldn't just be easy in terms of the move for industries, but of course, he still lives in washington state.

In seattle.

That is where his family stays, where his house is.

He would need to hire any moving vans, really.

The question is, would he want to leave ford?

He seems to continually deny the reports that pop up over and over and over.

You know about the famous alan mulally early thursday morning meeting, one ford, one mulally.

I think that is like one microsoft.

Can he just transfer his management skills to microsoft?

That is what steve ballmer things.

He is written in the past about alan mulally and said his skills as a turnaround artist, if you will, could translate into any industry.

Of course, alan mulally has advised steve ballmer only recently about how to do business at microsoft.

Both of them are pretty candid about that.

The question is, would he leave ford because he has promised to stay there as ceo until at least the end of 2014. this speculation has been swirling for a bit now, since early september.

I know you spoke with alan mulally about this in a number of times.

What has he said to you?

He just continually says that while in is flattering, he plans to continue to focus on his job and used that term laser focused, which has become a credible jargon in corporate and ceo at speak, but i think he invented the term.

It is interesting because it almost seems as though microsoft is now using the media as a recruiting tool, trying to help convince alan mulally, although, if bill gates comes over to her house, i don't think you need anyone else to help convince the guy.

Matt miller, thank you for waking up early and joining us on alan mulally.

Here is the book, "the firm." duff mcdonald on alan mulally.

This guys like the new hero on the block.

He is like the guy right now, isn't he?

I guess if you do one turnaround, you're in demand.

I think it is fascinating that everybody thinks microsoft, the

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