Can Facebook Fix Its Teen Problem?

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Jan. 28 (Bloomberg) –- Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist and Define America Founder Jose Antonio Vargas and Bloomberg’s Sarah Frier discuss the future of Facebook and what other sites like Instagram and Snapchat mean to Facebook with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Who has covered facebook as well.

There was a study that came out that said they spoke has lost 80% of its users.

There is this teen question.

What did they have to prove?

They have to address that on the call.

Our questions on how that will work.

People are dying for more information.

The company mention something new like that in an earnings call, everyone sort of wonders why.

He just said that has been a little less engagement a young -- among younger teens.

This rocketship, facebook, is growing so fast.

Will they die like myspace didn't? -- did?

Do you use facebook a lot?

I can't imagine not using facebook.

I cannot imagine what the undocumented movement would be without facebook.

Facebook or twitter?

Enters the community, facebook.

But twitter, you cannot be a journalist and not be on twitter.

When they drop the teebnn bomb, of course they will drop usage in teens.

You just transition.

If you are young, my nieces like vine and snapchat.

I'm too old for that.

In the last quarter, we found out that they try to buy snap chat.

They will have to adjust this difference of how people want to share.

Teens may not want to be on facebook where their mother is also.

Instagram is popular because they can be wherever they want to be with her smog a group of friends.

People are looking to have their identities through these platforms.

Not only is it ubiquitous, but is central to how we communicate now.

The community is already there.

I remember when zuckerberg was in washington.

He said facebook is -- it is the way my at&t provider is boring.

What about instagram?

Instagram is growing like crazy since it was acquired by facebook.

Will it be a big business?

That remains to be seen.

People have mixed opinions about instagram adding advertising to their platform.

There was a lot of comments on those ads like what is this doing in my feed?

People learned except those things and move on.

They want instagram as a service.

Thank you for giving us an update and a look ahead.

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