Can Dorian Nakamoto Escape the Bitcoin Spotlight?

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March 10 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg senior West Coast correspondent Jon Erlichman reports on the pursuit of alleged bitcoin creator Dorian Nakamoto on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”


Jon erlichman was at his house last week.

Did you chase them down?

I was hanging around.

I was ready to chase.

If need be.

That is why people feel sympathy for him.

Let us assume for a second he is not the creator of bitcoin.

This is a pretty wild five or six days for him to have the media following him around.

On top of that, there have been the curiosity surrounding who the creator of bitcoin is.

You would assume, although we did not see them outside his house, there are people who have a lot of questions for him and behind -- besides the media questions being raised.

It is hard not to think of the financial factors.

It is true that people have created fortunes because of bitcoin.

We told the stories of people who have had financial pain.

We are showing you knocking on the door.

You are so polite.

With your microphone in hand.

[laughter] were you talking to them through the door?


we do not know if he was there friday we were there from very early in the morning to late in the afternoon.

If i were him i would have gone to a hotel.

Maybe somebody would donate bitcoins so i could go to a hotel.

We do not have a resolution to the story.

You have newsweek standing by their story.

He made a convincing argument when he spoke to the ap.

They are raising money for him and support.

It are they -- what are they raising money for?

We are getting the sense that there is a feeling of 70 toward him.

They are -- feeling of 70 toward him.

Let us figure out if this is something who is the creator of bitcoin.

He is saying he is not.

His life is being disrupted a little bit.

We have a few chapters to go in this story.

You have newsweek who is standing by its side.

He probably does not want to say anymore.

He spent two hours with the associated press to but his story on the table.

There are personal pieces of information about him that are correct, but he says he is not the guy.

What is his fundamental argument as to why he is not the father a bitcoin?

There are a few factors.

One is that he is saying he had other jobs at the time when it coin was being created.

Part of the story rests on the comment that he had through his front door with the ap reporter.

He basically said that he has moved on and he is not talking about that anymore.

It implied that he had created bitcoin and was no longer involved.

When he clarified, he said he was talking about his career in general and having jobs that were sensitive.

He was not allowed to talk about them.

That is why people potentially knock on his door like me.

[laughter] always the intrepid reporter, you look good doing it.

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