Can Coal Compete Against Renewable Fuels?

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May 9 (Bloomberg) -- Robert Bryce, author of “Smaller Faster Lighter Denser Cheaper,” breaks down global growth in the coal energy market and how a move to clean, sustainable fuel supplies impacts the industry. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Is but globally, it's clear this is the fuel that has been drawing the fastest since 1973. in the last 10 years, growth in the global coal market is equal to gas, hydro, combined.

The chinese have been producing as much coal powered electricity as they can because it was the fastest route to get them or they wanted to be but nobody is investing more in alternatives and renewables than china.

That may be true on a dollar basis.

It's true on every basis.

More solar capacity, nor would does more wind capacity than any country in the world.

Renewables are being dwarfed by what is coming on stream in coal.

Look at what's happening in vietnam and india and the blackouts that occurred in india about two years ago are i. the indian government said they would produce more coal and import more.

You are a lightning rod for criticism about the industry.

I want you to explain the benefit of coal versus the zeitgeist that is out there.

It produces electricity, that's the point.

That's the point i make in my book.

Nothing is smaller and faster and lighter than electrons.

If you look at the developing world vs the undeveloped world, it is electricity.

Right now i can't breathe in shanghai or beijing.

Do i blame that on: china?

That's the challenge we face today.

How do we clean up the emissions?

I'm not a believer in carbon caption in sequestration.

This is a big deal.

What does shanghai do this morning according to your very good research and your support of coal?

I am reporting the facts.

This is what's happening.

Ideally with the u.s. can do is export the technologies that allow cleaner combustion and particularly supercritical technology that will allow us to get more power out of the energy in each kilogram of coal.

If we can produce energy from wind turbines cheaper than coal, why shouldn't we just be putting in more wind?

The problem with wind energy is low power density.

It's a measure of energy flow that can be harnessed given an area of volume.

The problem with biofuels and wind energy is you cannot produce enough power from the land required.

You get energy sprawl.

The word is scalability.

Coal is a great positive.

Chem nuclear reactors get to that scalability?

I am very bullish on nuclear.

It faces huge challenges and cost is a big one.

How are we going to do with climate change in the long-term, natural gas to nuclear.

I want to have a good conversation about this.

I want to have robert on what somebody who is less amenable to call.

The last time it was in china, i blew my nose because it was black because of the: china.

Their coal dependence is a normally -- is abnormally high.

Coming up, demand for sugary drinks is in decline so how does

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