Can Carnival Correct Its Course?

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Oct. 1 (Bloomberg) -- Crisis Communications Expert Bill Wohl discusses Carnival's woes with Stephanie Ruhle on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers." (Source: Bloomberg)


Millions of lasting moments have been made with us.

What will yours be?

Is carnival taking the right approach here?

Beautiful memories, it is positive.

Are they wiping out what everyone just went through?

Should i say i am sorry?

It is great to be back on the show, thank you for having me.

Carnival is taking a number of positive steps.

Its new ceo has arrived in the last few weeks.

I am not sure that this campaign is the last -- the right direction.

The public has some serious questions about the safety of cruising in general.

This is an industry issue, you need to carnival.

I would be using those ad dollars to communicate that they are making investments in safety and engineering changes to a sure that customers will return from their cruises healthy, happy, and safe.

That is the first step.

Is that what active cruisegoe rs really care about?

Or do they want deals?

Let's be clear.

I am not an expert on the travel industry.

The concerns that customers have raised based on the experiences last year are very valid.

While we have seen some bookings returned to carnival, they have been giving cruises away to fill the ships.

That is not getting them new customers they are looking for.

New customers are wondering has this branded on the right things to make sure that our cruise is going to be safe and reliable.

I applied the rapid steps that have been taken by carnival's new ceo.

One of the things they don't seem to be promoting is that they have hired a former commander of the coast guard in charge of safety.

I would put that individual front and center in their new ad campaign.

In a similar fashion to the way bp has been in front -- upfront in the investments they have made to make sure that all -- oi l refining has improved in the gulf.

Carnival can take a lesson from that.

Bp -- it was a true disaster.

Carnival's situation was just uncomfortable.

I think it is a disaster if you are in the business of serving customers.

You can look at carnival's recent financial results to see the impact.

The cruise industry has moved in a positive direction, carnival's bookings are lacking.

That is a disaster for them.

Every crisis situation is different.

I am a fan of going right at the problem.

The problem here is that people are concerned that they can get sick or have a frustrating experience.

I don't think there is any doubt that they are going to go on a cruise and get the kind of memories made that the ad campaign speaks to.

Customers thinking about a cruise for the first time, they are speaking -- they still have some lingering questions about whether this brand and the industry is solving these problems.

Let's not forget, while carnival has put many of their problems behind, we have been watching one of the carnival family cruise liners being lifted from the bottom of the ocean and italy.

The lingering impact of these issues remain in the media.

Any small step in the wrong direction will not help.

For how long will they need to cut prices?

If people are on the boats and barely paying to be there, that does not help the bottom line.

In the end, those who take cruises and have good experiences are the best spokespersons.

The more happy passengers they can create while they have a track record over time of delivering success, those are the things that will repair their reputation.

They are under the white-hot light of scrutiny right now.

We are talking about it on this program.

Any misstep puts them at risk.

Would you take a cruise?


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