Can Cable TV Conquer Netflix?

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Oct. 10 (Bloomberg) -- John Malone, the billionaire aiming to consolidate the U.S. cable industry, said he doesn’t see Cablevision Systems as an appealing target because it’s entrenched in the New York market, giving it less room to grow. Jon Erlichman reports on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Respect that he has for what netflix has been able to do.

Reed hastings has a great opportunity with netflix.

There is a scale that netflix has.

They can go out and buy content or create shows now.

It can immediately distributed to all sorts of homes, millions of homes.

If you have a good internet connection, you can sign up easily.

There is a smaller -- smaller cable companies in the u.s. struggled to move as quickly as netflix.

They spent so much on the cable structure.

He have to go out and get ready for tv everywhere -- on your phone or on the go.

The big boys can figure it out because they have money to spend.

The small ones have a tougher time.

He is a large investor.

There are all sorts of cable companies.

He has been pushing for consolidation.

He is making the argument that netbooks can do what it is doing.

He knew the smaller companies to be able to merge -- you need to have the smaller companies to be able to merge.

Did them alone suggests that the cable companies create their own netflix?

-- didn't malone suggests that the cable companies create their own ethics?

They use the hulu example.

-- create their own netflix?

He used the hulu example.

We talked a lot about potential bidders.

Directv was interested.

Providers are worried about more people watching shows and also the content on services like netflix.

In the case of pay tv, it was seen as a hedge for them if people are not using traditional direct tv.

Maybe they will use something like hulu as well.

Or is that facebook example.

Facebook has a global reach.

It is time for the bwest

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