Can Bitcoin Save the Post Office?

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Feb. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg News’ Megan Hughes reports on the possibility of a Bitcoin exchange joining the financial services offered by the United States Postal Service on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

Might get into bitcoin?

Class it sounds really strange.

You do not think of those two in the same sentence.

They are really looking at it.

An online forum last week.

The researchers, they will work on a white paper and we will start that in the next few months.

All of it -- money orders, money transfers, prepaid debit cards, and things like that.

This will be the next frontier.

Their position to do this, they have got a brand they trust.

36,000 brick-and-mortar -- get bitcoins loaded on their phones and potentially withdraw the bitcoins.

They also have a money transfer license.

Those are coveted.

That would give them an edge.

Class there could be a lot of concern about potential regulation with what we have seen transpiring.

We are talking about a few years out.

The researchers are hoping at that point, there will be harmonization, that there will be federal regulations on the books, not a patchwork.

That will be important for the future of bitcoin, how that plays out.

How much money could they make doing this?

Class it is hard to say.

They do not know.

Even economists that of looked at this, at this point, not much.

Bitcoin has not adopted.

If it were, there is potential.

The other issue is bitcoin, people do not want to pay fees.

It is one of the attractive things about bitcoin.

Researchers are going to have to look in to whether people will pay for an extra service that the postal service will be providing.

. megan hughes in washington.

? moving and shaking this hour, jay-z and beyonce.

They just started in the most expensive super bowl party ever.

It was at the directv -- right here.

They were paid more than $2 million.

Jay-z performs a lot of hits and then beyonce joined him to sing their newest collaboration -- drunken love.

Among 6000 people in the audience -- leonardo dicaprio.

We are looking into the business of being -- what a game it was.

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