Can Bitcoin Ever Be Legitimized?

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Feb. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Paul Hastings LLP Partner Richard Farley discusses the legitimacy of bitcoin on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Who watch the entire super bowl and ask them name as many ads as you can.

They only came up with about 5. for over 50 companies that advertise, only less than 10% cut remember.

I love that they are called db 5 research.

What does it tell us about how much each ad cost?

$35, cpm, cause for a thousand viewers.

That is in line with the academy awards.

It is a limited amount of time.

Three and a half cents per person.

Not just if you remember, what are you trying to accomplish.

If you are building a brand as opposed to selling a product.

Building a brand makes sense.

So many of the ads did not have anything to do with the product.

They are building a brand.

People look at budweiser and doritos.

The dog.

Anything with a dog.

They are in the super bowl every year, they stay in people's minds.

They have dogs.

Can you measure which ones were the most watched?

Tivo looked at the data.

The three most watched ads were in the fourth quarter, not with the expert would suggest.

No one is watching the game.

The top three were in the fourth quarter.

Debate between what the experts say -- pupply love ad.

People are losing the super bowl on and not watching the game anymore.

Maybe they are supposed to be able to change the channel.

It takes into account tivo, people fast forwarding.

As a patriots fan i found it so satisfying.

The broncos have been in three out of the top five super bowl blowouts.

What happens if your ad is terrible?

It is like a wedding dress.

You put a ton of money and it says in the closet.

It is better to be extreme, go daddy had one of the worst ads.

When we look at the data, it was one of the most watched and remember.

Even something like that looks ridiculous but you remember the company.

What about the pistachio ad?

It did not make a dent.

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