Can Apple Stay King of the Tablet Market?

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Oct. 22 (Bloomberg) -- Boy Genius's Jonathan Geller, BGC Partners' Colin Gillis and Bloomberg's Jon Erlichman discuss the outlook for Apple with Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

What there are two schools of thought.

This is done on the iphone five best.

This is going to be as thin as a cracker.

There are some people that are always hoping for more from this company.

I stopped one of the board members.

I said people are always hungry for a little bit more.

Were you thinking and may be going a little further?

He does not want to get in trouble.

It would be hard not to say there are some people who feel like apple could go another yard run something like this.

Is the pricing right in your opinions?

I have no idea what apple could have done more then they could have done with the ipad.

That is the embodiment of what apple does.

I think this is by far the best tablet in the world.

The price is great.

It is keeping the same price point.

The ipad mini is a great step up for a lot of people that really want that readability on a tablet.

A big endorsement.

These are lighter, faster, and cheaper.

These are the best tablet in the marketplace.

This is north of 3 million units.

They're pushing toward the last minute of the marketplace.

How is the battery?

What they are hoping that you will be able to maintain that.

If you are going for thin and sleek you have to compromise if you want to get it the way you want.

You like this just the way it is.

Why not bring this?

I would have loved that.

We obviously will see that.

We will see that in the future.

This is a product with a working on for a long time.

We have been planning it.

This is also the supply.

It is very hard to produce.

Talk to me about the stocks and what this means.

This is what the announcement is today.

This is an interesting point about apple.

They are becoming more telegraphed.

They announced 170 million ipads sold at the month.

Do not look for any upside.

You also get this this year.


It is just a nice part of the cycle.

We are starting to run on a catalyst.

Historically, it goes down the same every time.

Even when apple announced the original iphone stock went down, i would not really look at that.

They are going with an amazing brand-new project.

Randy ipad mini.

This is free software for everybody.

It will be big this holiday season.

The holiday quarter will be absolutely huge.

I want to know when is the apple tv coming?

We heard one talking.

We're still waiting.

Your sense of timing on the tv?

This is the thing you have to be knowledgeable of.

We want to be careful.

Last year we went to this big project a vacuum as he went to the first part of 2000 -- 2013. apple needs to open new products to avoid that same type of vacuum that we had.

If you are going to get a new product line that is a perfect time to do it.

Thank you so much.

Coming up, he is to blame and

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