Can Apple Dominate Your Living Room?

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Oct. 23 (Bloomberg) -- Nick Thomas, telecoms and media principal analyst at Informa and Eileen Burbidge, partner at Passion Capital, discuss the challenges Apple faces in taking control of users’ living rooms with a television product. They speak on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”

This is about content now and that is going to be one of the key characteristics of the p.n.c. telecom market here.

They are all come together.

I'm curious.


It looks like apple is going after microsoft, giving away free software.

Does microsoft actually have some advantages.

It has a box that sits in our living room, the x box.

Sony has the ps 3, ps 4, ps 5. whatever we're going to call it.

You talked about something that is at bigger play.

Owning the living room.

That tablet is a piece of that.

Microsoft has had a view that its gaming consul can be much more than that and can deliver all of our home entertainment and services as well as gaming.

The privilege is being plugged into the living room tv and much more well placed.

A lot hanging on its new model and looking closely at the sales there.

It has a head start in that race.

Content generated in television and media and for the developers, coders, writing apps, should we start to think of them as the same people?

I think so.

I do think of them as the same people.

I think they are people who are innovating in digital and tech.

Whether it is preproduced to a script or interacting with what a user is actually doing.

We should think about in the same -- i think they are converging.

I think you'll see more interactive forms of digital media and more polished, produced games.

The new games that are coming out look like movies.

At the moment, developers go first to apple.

And i'm curious to know how that will change as this sort of cohesion starts to happen between media content and app writers.

Historic lirks this is a short history, but over the last two or three years that we have had app stores, users are more -- at finding.

That's what they are developing for.

Android-based and microsoft's realtime operating system starts to become more dominant, then i think you'll see people going to where the people are, the subscribers and the viewers and the audience.

Although apple, the market in terms of share is becoming very competitive, they say those who use apple device spend more time on them.

They were very keen to make that point.

It is about the quality of experience and amount of time you spend there and the download of games.

If i'm producing a movie, though, i'm much less concerned about what is going on an apple device or a microsoft device.

At the moment, it is clear that the high-spending, the demos that spend money on this stuff, is very prevalent in the apple community.

But as all of this comes together, it sort of crashes together, which company is best placed?

Which company understands how that sort of collision is going to take place?

Who has got the best radar at the moment for understanding that?

Is it sony?

Because they produce a lot of content.

Are we thinking about companies in the wrong way?

I think we might be.

I think you can't look at what's happening historically to see what is going to happen in the future.

Certain companies will be stronger with their d.n.a. about who might be better positioned to take advantage of the opportunities.

But if you're looking at all of this that we're talking about, content, services, device, there were no ipads five years ago.

It is a bit of a losing battle to try and predict who is going to win it.

They are all going to come at it from their respective strengths and it is all converging.

Google and samsung and microsoft will be in the mix and amazon and skie and others that have the content as well.

For a lot of people, looking at the sub$200 tablet, there is a genuine proposition.

99 pounds.

I think there is other people coming -- look at what netflix is going to do.

I think they are going to be interesting to watch.

They are producing their own content.

They are owning the space.

I think they are going to do some interesting tie-ups.

We'll leave it there.

Fascinating conversation.

Thank you very much indeed.

Anna, back to you.

Thanks, guy.

F.a.c. will be shutting down its london offices.

It staffs more than 50 employees.

Tell us first, why are they shutting this hardware business down?

S.a.c. is obviously the subject of a multi-year insider trading investigation by u.s. prosecutors.

The fact that they are closing a london office shows us that when 1/3 of your money is going out the door, $5 billion in their case, you don't have the luxury of being an international firm and footprint.

You have to cut somewhere.

That is where they are making a lot of those cuts.

What does this tell us about the conversation they are swrg u.s. prosecutors at the moment and the relationship that they have with the authorities in the u.s.? it tells us that a settlement is very close.

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