Can Amazon Sell Drone Plan to the FAA?

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July 11 (Bloomberg) -- Michael Toscano, president of the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International, discusses Amazon's drone aspirations with Pimm Fox on "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Incredibly passionate about and we believe customers will love it.

But will safety officials love it?

Joining me is michael toscano.

Thanks for being with us.

So explain exactly what the current rules and regulations are governing the use of unmanned systems.

Well, right now the faa does allow for hobbyists use of unmanned systems but there is an opportunity from a commercial market to take this cou technology and use it in a different way.

So amazon is the 13th entity that has asked for an exemption from the small unmanned aircraft systems that is being proposed in this november to utilize and demonstrate and test to see if it can be utilized in a safe manner.

This has been used by hobbyists and by utilities to check transmission lines or to do testing work.

Is that the first step in general approval?

There has been certain cases where the faa has had an exemption for certain monitoring capabilities.

For the most part, what you are seeing is earlier this year the faa voiced and made it public they would be entertaining exemptions from the small unmanned aircraft system rule that is going to be coming out in november.

Once they put that out, there will be a 90 day response time and then they will adjudicate those comments and come out with a small rule.

That may be a process that takes up to you and a half to two years.

So not to lose the momentum in the possibility of using light -- utilizing this technology, the faa said they would entertain exemptions that can show a safe case to utilize this technology.

13 exemptions have been filed already with the faa since may.

Amazon is the 13th.

Amazon is looking to be able to take the technology they have right now and demonstrate at their facility in seattle it can be used in a safe way to allow the delivery of packages that weigh less than five pounds.

You mentioned other countries have rules and regulations governing the use of these devices.

Where should we look for some guidance?

In europe, australia, canada, and actually some places when the monsoon season hits, 85% of the roads are wiped out.

How do you get medicine and food and logistics to those people who have been cut off from society?

This is one technology they are looking and to do that.

What would be some of the parameters the faa would have to put in place to make sure this is safe and viable?

You hit upon it, safety.

For any unmanned system.

The question is how safe we can we do it and what are the environments which has the aptitude for this to be utilized?

You look at the movie industry, agriculture, power lines, gas lines, you look at what amazon is looking to do.

The systems do well for the four d's, dirty and difficult missions humans face every day.

It allows those men and women to do their job best and in a more effective than life-saving way.

What is the estimate for the value of this industry in the united states?

Our association did a report a year and a half ago that said within the first 10 years of being able to fly, we will create 100,000 new jobs and have an $82 billion economic impact.

I think those estimates are

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