Can Amazon Make High-End Luxury a Prime Product?

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Feb. 21 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Businessweek’s Brad Stone examines Amazon’s attempt to offer high-end luxury products on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.”

Do you know about this?

They want to be the everything store.

Those lottery retailers have been very hesitant to put their items on amazon.

Ralph lauren does not want to have its $300 sweater next with $30 sweater.

I would love this.

But i wonder, does this impact their branded all the ? amazon is trying to find middle ground.

They have ads on the site.

The pitch seems to be come let's use look three retailers to advertise on amazon.

Then send the customers to those other retailers and allow them to sell their goods and service them with amazon prime.

We will see how that is executed and it fits with enough for those lottery retailers to go and do the deal.

It would be awesome if i could just throw in a pair of jeans with my amazon prime card.

Is my primary mission going to get more defensive?

The amazon cfo on the latest earnings call brought up the possibility that there would be a raise in price for amazon prime.

I don't think he would've done it if they were not consider ing that seriously.

They may suppress customers with a $20 increase.

If this happens, the cost of the shipping would be paid by the retailers.


The deal with the luxury retailers is quite separate from the fact that shipping is getting more expensive for amazon.

I really don't think the two are related.

I do think at some point we will see amazon get more sophisticated about different pricing tiers for prime.

Maybe three day delivery or single day delivery.

How do you think that would impact the business?

Prime has been a huge driver of growth.

It raised sales last year by a to two percent.

-- last year by 22%. costco has raised prices of its membership over the years and customers have stable oil.

What jeff bezos will try to do is give something to customers as he is raising prices.

We might see more content in amazon video prime or improvement in shipping, like same day or next day delivery.

We will see.

I doubt this will be a price increase alone.

You mention amazon video on demand.

Another report out today that amazon's set top box that we

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