Can Amazon and EBay Learn From Alibaba?

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Dec. 3 (Bloomberg) –- Shaun Rein, managing director at China Market Research Group, discusses what Chinese consumers buy online and compares Alibaba to Amazon and EBay. He speaks with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Times the size of the united states.

How are the retail markets different?

It is great to see you.

There are some major differences.

It is really quite expensive to open up rick and more to her stores, even more than it is here in the united states.

-- brick and mortar stores, even more than it is in the united states.

A lot of companies are saying we're not going to open at these throughout the country.

We are going to push e-commerce as our first sign into china.

Nina market -- neiman marcus try to do this.

E-commerce is in many ways more popular than it is in the u.s. per capita they will spend more per year.

It is different from what you and cory were just talking about.

Sales are growing fast.

We expect it to grow 50% year on year.

We often hear allie bobbitt being compared to amazon and ebay.

They are different -- allie ibaba being compared to amazon and evebay.

Some say allie baba is more like google -- alibaba is more like google.

They are innovative on their own.

They have b to b. they are a very different cat.

I would look at it as being a very innovative company.

You are seeing companies having mobile payment systems through their instant messaging.

I think it was about 100,000 phone sold in a one-hour period after they started selling their instant messaging service.

Cori which is speaking earlier about how e-commerce is slowing down.

Do american companies have anything to learn?

Amazon does not really exist in china.

When we interviewed chinese consumers, and never comes in is one other top 10 e-commerce sites.

Ebay is even lower.

I do not know if they are in the market anymore.

What you need to do is get chinese managers to be in charge of your operations and let them react quickly to the marketplace.

They beat ebay because they were just quicker at being able to cater to what chinese consumers wanted.

It is something that we want.

When we interviewed chinese consumers, they much prefer to buy up e-commerce.

In new york it was clean air.

In shanghai, it felt like i smoked five packs of cigarettes.

You see a lot more people buying online.

How does the tradition of giftgiving in the united states compared to china?

Are chinese consumers more often buying things for themselves or gifts for others?

That is a great question.

About 20% of all sales are part of gifting.

It is common for a 25-year-old woman to see an item she likes and buy three get them to be able to get out to their friends . there is a big part of gifting which is government him where you give a correct gift.

-- corrupt gift.

That is being let down by xi jinping.

In china, about a third of e- commerce sales are actually returned because a lot of the e- commerce companies do not charge for returns or shipping and delivery.

When you hear the big number 6 billion, probably about one billion of that is returned to companies.

It is growing but not as big as a lot of people think.

That is an interesting point.

We will have to check into allie baba to see if they have a

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