Callaway Golf Swings Closer to Profits

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Oct. 25 (Bloomberg) -- Chip Brewer, president and chief executive officer at Callaway Golf recaps third-quarter results and what the company is doing to grow sales and develop new products. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

Bottom-line guidance.

Chip brewer is with me this morning to talk about the direction he is taking.

Thanks for joining me.

I'm sure there are many golfers out there watching.

They will want to know your plans.

This momentum that you've got going, some losses, but certainly a lot smaller than before.

Where will you take this company in the next 12 months?

Betty, thanks for having me today.

We had a really good quarter.

I'm very pleased for the team.

This company has so much potential, such a great brand, and the resources are so strong.

What we are doing is energizing the team and using the strong r&d resources we have to differentiate ourselves on the product front.

We are gaining market share.

And our expectation is to continue to gain market share over the next 12 months.

How will you keep inventory tight?

We manage inventory a little bit differently than in the past.

We have introduced more products more frequently and we are more aggressive on that front than the company was over the last few years.

Products such as the mac daddy wages, the optic force drivers that we recently launched, and the apex irons that are coming out soon.

We also manage that inventory very proven -- prudently so that we are not cannibalizing future sales, and you know, working through the cycles quickly and efficiently.

We think we can excite consumers with these products.

The ops team is doing a great job of cycling them in and out in a prudent way.

What is selling them?

What are the hottest items now in golf balls and clubs?

The hottest items -- items out there now have been fairy woods -- fairway woods.

The team took the product where we were fairly behind the curve and in one year, we moved it to what i believe is these best fairway wood in golf.

The market has reacted favorably with that as well.

Before you go, some people say that the company is pretty cheaply valued and it could become a takeover target either by another sporting goods company, or by a private equity firm.

You know, i've heard that.

We don't concern ourselves too much about that.

We are a turnaround.

We think that we've got great potential.

Would -- our recent results give us confidence in what we are doing and the direction and potential of the business.

We are continuing to gain market share.

Financial results aren't proving.

Guidance when up -- are improving.

Guidance went up and we think good things will continue happening on that path.

Whichever path that may take going forward.

It sounds like you've got some options on the table.

Chip ruark, the ceo of callaway golf am a joining us this morning.

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