California Drought Water Plea Runs Dry With Feds

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Feb. 24 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Erik Schatzker and Alix Steel discuss the impact of the severe drought conditions in California on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.”

Week let me with a new appreciation for drought.

The state is simply running out of water.

Here is what the federal water authority had to say on friday.

The bureau says it will be sending no new water to farmers in the central valley this year.

Because of your interest and expertise in commodities and agriculture, and this new announcement from the bureau of reclamation, i thought it would be a good topic to bring up.

I think it is important to bring attention to this drought.

Californians even do not appreciate what they are looking at months from now.

The farmers do, as they have to make decisions now on their plans.

And this was not their first drought.

The lack of technology helping them to get water when there is none is pretty staggering.

I wonder if this is the catalyst that will change that.

We live in an egocentric world.

This is a democracy, so you need a plurality of people to make something happen on the scale of something like dissemination, investment in solar technology.

People do not really care that they are running out of water until they are running out of water.

That is probably not going to happen, because water will be prioritized for drinking use and health and safety -- talk about the different areas of where the water gets to and where it is siphoned off from.

People do not understand the miracle of the central valley.

It is essentially a man-made phenomenon.

Water is diverted from northern california, from mount shasta, flows down into the sacramento delta, not far from san francisco, and then is diverted to feed the central valley.

If there is no water available to divert health -- south, as there is this year, the farmers in the central valley on the western side get nothing.

There is no rainfall there of any substantial quantity, no

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