Cable User Interface Is `Crummy': Klein

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Feb. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Former CNN President Jon Klein looks at the user experience with cable and digital media on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Integration of cable?

It is kind of a dying industry.

The biggest need cable providers have is a better interface with users.

I cannot understand.

Qwest there are beautiful sites you go to and apps where they obsess over your experience of accessing the information.

It is clean and simple.

Flip board is gorgeous.

Imagine you go to your cable guide, just hunting down what is there, it is horrible.

Class i keep landing on c-span.

Do you have files or time warner?

Time warner.

Qwest that is to that.

Files is wonderful.

So fast era in that city, you cannot.

It is all about customer service.

If you do not like them and they have you on hold for 24 minutes, your other option is nothing.

Qwest the user -- the user experience is part of it.

How much like my provider has to do with how easy it is to use it.

Modern companies obsess over that.

Cable companies, throw best, have to catch up.

They are spending a lot of money.

You can go to files and grande day if you live in austin.

One gay is 100 times the connection speed.

It is right for being leapfrogged.

That is what is going on.

They have got to pay attention to this.

The downfall is they take their audience for granted and that is an enormous opportunity for newcomers to come in.

Time warner cable sees apple and they love to be able to say time warner customers, do not leave us and we have the school apple thing coming down the road.

The problem is apple does not have content relationships.

That is where these things always washed up on the rocks.

Intel is developing a box of their own and it was going to be beautiful and have a fantastic interface.

They just have to zip up content deals.

It never happened.

Who bought them?

Over eisen.

Verizon wants that beautiful interface and they have got content deals.

Qwest use a content and i have to bring us to our second headline.

The second is in a house of cards is premiering tomorrow.

All 13 episodes at midnight, perfect for valentine's day.

The number one weirdest thing about you, i think, and there are a lot of strange things about her, she does not have a netflix subscription.

Let's talk about why.

I am old school.

As long as i can watch "law and order" marathons, i am good to go.

Netflix, they have got house of cards and "orange is the new

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