BYD Building from Almost Scratch in U.S.: Bremmer

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Jan. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Ian Bremmer, founder & president at Eurasia Group, examines BYD’s launch in the U.S. auto market on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

Backed by warren buffett, wants to bring its cars to north america.

North american companies are trying to break into the chinese market.

Who will win this battle?

No one will win for the time being.

Chinese brands will have a hard time getting up there.

There is no recognition in the u.s. segment for them.

They will build from scratch.

American corporations trying to going to china -- they are the largest consumers of automobiles in the world.

At the same time, you saw the gm took their headquarters out of shanghai and moved to singapore.

The intellectual property is getting ripped off.

There is master it -- massive pilfering.

This is a market where neither side is winning.

Is it about revenue or branding?

To say you will have a chinese car in the u.s., is that what it is about?

Sort of.

Americans, do they want to buy chinese cars?

We already buy chinese cars.


They are owned by the chinese.

They do not hit you over the head with the marketing.

No one ever has.

They will not gain anything by saying this is a chinese car.

In china, they can say this is an american car and it has an upside.

I do not know if it has the same impact here.

My parents have a toyota and they say their next car will be american.

I have never heard my mom say anything like that before.

She is 70. ford's deliveries in china are up 49%. they're beating out toyota in the world largest car market.

Not a surprise that toyota is having problems.

The japanese segment has been hit across the board in china.

What is the surprises that if you think about the interior of the country, those are folks that are developing cash and the ability to buy.

For them, the chinese brand does not have the same negative.

It does not mean no quality.

If you are in shanghai or beijing, the western brand means a lot more.

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