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Sept. 26 (Bloomberg) -- Krish Ramakrishnan, co-founder & CEO at Blue Jeans Network, explains the success behind his company’s networking business and how they’re turned a $50 million investment into a push to offer work from home network services. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.”

To use it for?

Let me tell you what bluejeans does it we did the impossible by connecting consumer devices like skype and google to corporate video systems like cisco and microsoft.

That put us on the map.

We are the new face of collaboration.

That's got a lot of success.

We want to use that new funding to fuel that growth.

Cisco is now one of your big competitors.

You are competing with the big guys.

Cisco, polycom, when those guys offer in some senses more service practices, why don't you?

That is a great companies.

Those company, i'd call them bce air accompanies, i.e. before cloud.

It was designed when the collaboration was done 10 years ago, and people work in vehicles.

-- in cubicles.

We are in a new platform.

Quite amicable or new system versus just putting new stuff in?

-- how many people are using new systems versus just putting in new stuff?

That is expensive equipment.

Yes, but it does not work.

What good is communication equipment if it does not interact with other people?

What about getting rid of old cisco, old polycom systems?

I do not know the numbers, but we have about 2000 business customers ranging from fortune 100, small monm and pop shops, all of them use blue gene.

Some are going to naturally throw away the legacy.

That is how they are with b.c.- era companies.

They're making it much more possible, and then you have on the other hand people like marissa mayer, and then you have the billboard that made you famous like "call us, marissa, we can help." something like that.

To me people are working remotely, and some studies show that that makes companies more productive.

How do you respond to that?

Levitate what marissa mayer does, we have a billboard near the elbow or, more than one thing we are the unofficial sponsor of work from home, so when the marissa mayer news cannot, we got the creative team to say we need to make a statement, we need to make a state -- a stand so that our creative team designed headed toward marissa mayer think all is, by the way, she has not called us, but a lot of cio's and ceo's have called us.

But to your point, there is a place for collaboration in the cloud control, but not everybody can make your workforce.

It is a flat world right now.

In fact, one of the uses for us is people coming and again from antarctica on our services.


Krish ramakrishnan, ceo of blue jeans network, thank you so much for joining us.

Thank you for having me.

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