Business-Led Investment Key to Ending Poverty: Kell

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Sept. 25 (Bloomberg) -- Georg Kell, executive director of the United Nations Global Compact, discusses the UN's push to end global poverty. He spoke with Mark Crumpton Sept. 24 on Bloomberg Television's "Bottom Line." (Source: Bloomberg)

Thank you for coming tonight.

What are the millennium development goals.

A huge global effort to eradicate policy across the board.

Programs launched.

Significant progress has been made in some areas.

Much is left.

Less than 900 days left until 2015, which state development goals are supposed to be achieved.

We are mobilizing every effort we can to make as much progress as possible.

You say this was launched in 2000. it has been 14 years now.

How would you rate the progress?

Solid evidence out there progress is expensive on extreme par -- poverty and also do to business lead development and growth.

Also, thanks to the concerted effort and a whole range of issues.

What role do they have in helping to alleviate poverty?


I would argue it is business lead development which is the key to overcome.

You want healthy economies and employment.

This is the only way to create a stable environment and society.

Most top corporate leaders feel powerless to respond to big social issues.

They cited a lack of support from consumers and government.

Should that be a reason not to deal with these critical issues?

Only five years ago, they did not care about human rights in the supply chain.

It was not the issue.

Transparency is now on the rise.

It knows the issues matter.

There has been a fundamental shift.

Source extraction or getting -- it is increasingly about spending markets.

It is part of the agenda.

Understands why the u.n. goals are so important.

You can only grow healthy markets in healthy societies.

You unveiled something called the business engagement architecture.

How does it engage in poverty efforts?

A comprehensive set of opportunities to advance human rights, stewardship, and good governance.

By doing so, it allows the scaling up, which are great and important.

We believe strongly much more impact can be achieved here it scaling impact from cooperation is the big new motivating force.

When i was reading the background, one of the things that stood out was about social responsibility to keep operating in conflict areas.

This has got to be one of the very dicey decisions a corporation makes.

You have an area where there might be violence.

It might be one of the hotspots in the world.

What is the social responsibility in that effort?

5 billion people live under fear.

One business operates in such an environment, it has a choice to make to try to maximize positive contribution through good investments and educational efforts.

This is exactly what is taking place now and promoting through business and peace, as the latest launch.

They are optimistic business is buying into it a time.

Corporate sustainability is essential for long-term business success.

Good corporate practices plates -- job creation, healthy markets, a component.

The economic case for lifting people out of poverty, what is it.

Invest successfully and do so in a responsible manner.

It is about market led to element.

There are many barriers.

Overcoming this, whether it is corruption, lack of skills.

A major challenge, but business plays a major role pushing it forward.

An initiative that works

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