Business Brothers Look to Cash in on Horse Racing

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July 26 (Bloomberg) -- Co-Founders Walter Hessert and Tom Hessert discuss their online ideas for horse racing with Carol Massar on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Just a couple of years ago, you went to a course race and you got hooked.

Before we started, i had never been to a horse race.

And never bet on a horse.

We saw as a great opportunity to bring my first experience online , in a fun, entertaining experience.

Why did you think it would be entertaining?

It has the gambling aspect, which is the essence of a fun game.

Horseracing has been a part of the american fabric for centuries.

Adding the gambling piece, it ups the adrenaline and makes it fun.

They may have a social aspect -- didn't we see the social aspect.

You bring us together and center it around the video of a live or straights.

It is fun.

Again about horseracing.

It is not necessarily about gambling.

It is a social game.

Derbyjackpot it is a simple game.

You can watch live races, and when the real money.

We have had players when tens of thousands of dollars.

You can win money.

You can get lucky.

It is definitely -- gambling is in it.

How much interesting -- how much interest are you seeing?

We have paid out over $1 million in winnings.

Since we launched, the site has been doubling our volume.

This model be our first monthly pass $1 million in wagers.

In six months, where do you want to be?

We expect to continue to double.

You can do the math.

It is growing a lot.

There is excitement.

It is a strong community around it.

Are you profitable?

We are getting there.

Are you getting outside interests?

Be a wreck and distribution deals -- we are working on distribution deals.

Players are really loving it.

Thank you guys.

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