Burger King Cuts Low-Fat Satisfries on Low Sales

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Aug. 14 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Vanessa Wong discusses the end of Burger King’s “Satisfries,” the fast food restaurant’s attempt at a healthier version of french fries. She speaks on “In The Loop.”

Freis, -- those satisfries.

But sl wong joins me.

I know you have been on a fast they would -- benefit wong, i know you have been on the fast food beat.

I have tried them, they do taste different from burger king's regular fries.

It is not have as much oil, which is how you get a lower fat, lower calorie product.

Did you like them?

Consumers would stick with the traditional -- . fries.

Working at said they would only keep this on the menu so long as people would buy them.

They knew this was not going to be permanent no matter what.


So this is actually burger king's attempt to meet consumers halfway.

The fast food chain for some time now has been trying to improve their image by offering healthier options.

Salad, f frui, vegetables.

Rather than making kale, we will offer a healthier fry.

And they took two years to develop the product.

As i was saying earlier, look, good on burger king to try to offer this healthy alternative, just like mcdonald's is trying to wither salad, but the fact of the matter is consumers are not buying them.

Salads are only like, 3% of sales for mcdonald's. indeed.

Burger king has said about 100 million guests have ordered satisfries, but franchisees have been able to decide whether they wanted to keep order them.

There will be about 200,000 in north america that will still sell them, but they are mostly gone.

They will be phased out.

It sounds like who knows where the last one third of those are going to go.

Vanessa, thank you so much for joining us on the disappearance, slow disappearance on satisfries from burger king.

Staying with fast food on a very different issue.

Mcdonald's franchise fight continues to heat up, particularly in california where new legislation is being pushed in front of the state a family that will give rights to franchisees.

As its owners and franchise groups are speaking out against this bill.

In a statement issued yesterday, the international franchise associations as the california legislation is "a trial lawyer's fantasy that will result in countless frivolous lawsuits that will only add costs to consumers.

At the same time, and have the potential to lower the value of our small businesses, a franchise owner's hard orearned equity at risk." catherine slater of carter,

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