Burberry Partners With Google, Sends Kisses

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July 10 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg European business correspondent Caroline Hyde reviews earnings from Burberry and their new partnership with Google. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "On The Move." (Source: Bloomberg)

Wimbledon champion andy murray wore it to the champions ball on sunday.

The maker of his suit is exceeding it occasions today.

Sales will increase in share price, hitting the highest since october 2012. the reason is retail sales up 13%, more than double what analysts were expecting.

On a day we are concerned about chinese data being lackluster, consumer demand for luxury seems to be holding steady for burberry at least.

Double-digit growth in the asia- pacific and the united states.

Hong kong and china, that is where they are leading in terms of off-line sales.

Online sales are ramping up globally.

They are increasing their store base.

25 new stores opening this year.

An exceptional response to the latest spring summer collection, flying off the shelves.

More people potentially going into the retail stores, yet more and more are going online.

It will be interesting to see if they can carry this on.

The online story is really interesting for them.

They have brought a lot of stuff in house.

Online certainly to be working.

Is it a long-term winner?

That is the big question to ask.

It seems to be paying off.

The chief executive, the best paid executive in the united kingdom last year, interesting that they have been at the forefront of technological development, most notably in their cosmetics.

You were talking about the ad campaign for sienna miller.

They have taken the cosmetics business internally, erect the operating.

Burberry this is, -- kisses, a partnership with google.

Yesterday, boston consulting group put out a research note saying we need more partnerships , more luxury companies to be a bit more like apple, build an ecosystem.

These are some pictures we have of burberry kisses.

If you get on their website, you have kiss recognition technology.

You kiss your phone , pick your lipstick, and you can send your kids to whoever might have an internet connection, whether it be a touchscreen mobile phone or computer.

That is a way of ramping up knowledge of consumer awareness of their cosmetics line.

All the new lipsticks they will be bringing in.

All about experiencing luxury.

Online is working.

It is building up knowledge base in terms of consumers, getting the youth on board.

Hsbc and credit suisse, both analysts saying they like the fact that they are bringing beauty back home, that they are expanding their accessories line and improving their supply chain.

Credit suisse saying getting youth on board is helping.

That is why online is so important.

Some of the new cosmetic developments behind us at the moment.

Bcg group saying you should be licensing even more.

Analysts saying they like the fact that they are capping some of those licensing agreements.

It is making sure it is still exclusive.

They are upping average prices, certainly with the trenchcoats.

Certainly at the higher end of luxury and it seems to be winning for the day.

I am -- i like my phone but i

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