Burberry 2H Underlying Revenue Rose 19%

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April 16 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Caroline Hyde reports earnings for the U.K.’s largest luxury company. She speaks to Mark Barton on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Business correspondent, caroline hyde.

How were the figures?

Pretty good.

The uk's largest luxury company has been the outperform or when it comes to luxury goods.

They really managed to outperform when it comes to digital innovation.

Far out stripping many luxury competitors by embracing online in such a way it has.

Second half like for like sales up 12%. that beat analyst estimates.

Down slightly from the first half.

Still, this is a company offering double-digit growth to the market.

Retail sales up 13%, just shy of estimates.

This is a company focusing very much on growing its beauty business.

It wants that to become a sick pillar for the business.

They say that has been successful with fragrances.

Interesting it is men's tailoring they say our product highlights and out performers.

What are the headwinds?

Headwinds are foreign currencies.

They are still able to give us a 12% increase in light for like sales.

They say this is a macroeconomic problem that's going to remain.

They say the current exchange rate is material.

If you convert that back into british pounds.

You are getting far less tangible money in that respect when you are reporting in pounds.

The impact from foreign currency, but overall they say they see growth in retail experiment.

Coming up why the investment

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