Building the Perfect Office Space for Introverts

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July 11 (Bloomberg) -- Steelcase's Katie Hasse and Bloomberg's Drake Bennett discuss creating privacy in the workplace with Pimm Fox on "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Wrote the story and katie hasse, of the office design firm steelcase who has a quiet space units.

Great to have you here.

Drake, quiet spaces at work.

This does not seem to go together in the same sentence.

I work in an open plan office.

Most people i do.

The reality for most american workers.

And it is not a perfect work environment for a lot of people.

Workers have never really loved this and there is an increasing amount of data that suggests it is bad for productivity and people's happiness and health.

So steelcase, which helped design the open plan 100 years ago, he is getting into the business of creating some refuges.

Katie, let's talk about what you have done with this idea of office quiet spaces.

Yeah, at steelcase we have been studying human behavior the past 100 years and what we have found in the past five years is privacy has become the number one issue.

95% of people say they want quiet places but only 41% of people have them.

So at the same time we have been studying privacy, our ceo met the author of "quiet" at ted and realized she was studying a specific group of people that needed privacy, introverts.

They found they had many synergies and were able to come up with the spaces by steelcase.

Drake, what kind of human experiment did you get to conduct with yourself in the world of a quiet space to work?

I went to chicago where they just rolled these out and they have them in their display area and so i worked in one of the spaces.

I used one of them to decompress.

I had a small meeting in one of them.

Did a little yoga.

You did some research for a story.

I did do some yoga.

Something i am not comfortable doing in my openoffice.

Did you feel better?

Obviously it was staged.

Yes, it is nice to have privacy.

The one thing i will be curious to see is whether offices will install enough of these that people aren't fighting over them.

I can see them being popular.

Is this expensive?

Yes, absolutely.

So they start about $15,000 but the thing to remember is it is all-inclusive.

It includes the state of the art wall system, the furniture, lighting, the surface materials, everything.

And they are designed to give

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