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March 20 (Bloomberg) -- Kyle Vucko, co-founder and CEO of Indochino, discusses the company's custom menswear with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Bit about the business of making a suit.

You can go into an apartment store and get a suit.

What is the herb is of having a custom-made suit -- what is the purpose of having a custom-made suit?

The cofounder and i were both in college and needed to buy a suit.

It was tough.

You were in vancouver, canada, right?


And your cofounder was there looking for a suit and you could not find one.

We stuff we liked was too expensive and the stuff we could afford it now looked -- did not look right.

We just thought, what would be the easiest way this could be done?

We came up with custom clothing online.

How did you do this?

I understand it has to do with 10 key measurements that you say individuals can take themselves.

You can go to and go through personalizing your garments.

Picking all the customizations, the lapel, if you want a vest.

And then you go to the measurement process.

It guided through the video.

You can do it in tape -- in 10 minutes.

And then we build it out of our facilities in china.

We custom make it and deliver it within three weeks or less all for $449. now i have to ask you the quality question.

We talk about whether the suit is sewn or fused and what the lining is like and so on.

How do you assure the quality and what kind of quality are we talking?

It is a big part of our story and what we strive to do.

We actually dropped out of college and moved to china.

I lived there personally for about 2.5 years postop michael funder is still over there.

We wanted to be on the ground, in the details figuring it out.

And we've been around now for six years.

And we've been able to grow to scale and invest in quality in the way others cannot.

What do you know how many suits you've made so far?

How many you've sold?

We have over 120,000 customers.

120,000 customers?

130 countries.

Lex and how do you end up holding this coterie of customers?

Is it by online marketing?

How do you connect with them?

You don't have a store.

We do, in some ways.

Online gross accounts for most of our growth to date, but we do also have a tailor.

We move from city to city.

We are in 20 markets and in the u.s.. we will have a retail shop that we set up for about 10 days.

A guy can come in and we will measure you and actually build an outfit for you.

And then you swipe your card on one of our ipod touch apps and it is completely seamless, as if you bought it online.

What about the fabrics themselves?

Are they coming from places like italy as well as england?

Or are the fabrics also sourced somewhere like china where it is less expensive?

We invest in the quality over the brand name.

What we have found is we've offered italian fabrics, but we've also found some of the chinese mills are producing some of the best fabrics in the world now.

Because so many are fed -- so many are manufacturing in china now.

You are able to get their quality for a better corp.

-- better price.

And his $449, is that complete with everything?

Or are there additional customizations that make it more expensive?

All of the customizations are free.

And we pay for shipping.

And we have a full refund.

It is zero risk.

What is a starter suit?


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