Buffett’s Newspapers Suffer 5.6% Drop in Readers

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March 4 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg News’ Edmund Lee examines the 5.6 percent drop in readership in Warren Buffett’s newspapers on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

-- readership in the 28 peepers that he owns -- papers that warren buffett owns.

The small papers.

Those were expected to whether this downturn.

What is going on?

This dreaded e, smaller local papers without much competition in these tiny markets were google or other news services around the yard and that are not going to help readers find out their high school football sports, and exactly local weather.

It does not matter, because they have seen a big drop in readership.

Y? you are and your people are simply buying newspapers anymore.

They watch local television, the radio, that sort of thing.

It is not that side of that, it is the advertising side of it.

There are fewer advertising in local papers, so there is less honey for them to print more news.

It is a snowball effect.

Quite how will they turn this around?

Buffet is a long-term investor.

He loves newspapers, he has loved newspapers, and he is looking toward the horizon.

He says there's going to be downturn right now and publicly for the next figures, but longer term, meaning that people are going to come back to the papers to give the information that they cannot get elsewhere, he also believes in not being able to spend all this money and then you get away for free online.

Whether people are actually going to pay for it or not, there is not enough aided to see.

But if it -- if it is valuable, people will pay for it.

Do you have a sense of what papers are likely going to stay profitable and thrive?

The big papers that we know?

The new york times, the national paper, and in may ways becoming bigger than that, is becoming bigger than that, it's going to be a global paper.

They want to get subscription from people around the world, and they are a better job of covering the world events, and encapsulating sort of big world events in sort of digestible, understandable articles for everyone to understand.

I think that is going -- they doing well for that reason.

Either that way, or super small.

The local stuff that only you are not going to get anywhere else.

That is where warren buffett is still going to put his money in terms of degree on way to capitalize on it.

That will take time.

Do we get a sense that he is -- we all try to read the crystal ball and when he is going to buy next, but is it a sense that he is going to swallow other papers?

Is going to look to swallow other papers and the 5000 and $20,00 -- to the 5000, and 20,000 range in circulation.

The middle sized papers cover the regional papers are having a harder time because they are in bigger markets.

Those readers are likely to log onto the new york times or the wall street journal, or other national out light -- outlets to get their information.

That is his limit in terms of the size of papers he is going for.

Thank you so much.

Great to talk to you.

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