How One Investor Made Billions on Berkshire Stock

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Sept. 17 (Bloomberg) -- Matthew G. Miller reports on Boulder Investment Advisor's Billionaire Stewart Horejsi. Miller speaks with Betty Liu on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

In 2010, there was an interview in " fortune" magazine and warren buffett said there are at least 2 billion -- two billionaires that are not on any list.

We put a reporter to cover it.

We have been looking for years.

I wanted to try and find these two berkshire billionaires and we found one of them.

This is something that every time someone hears a story like this, they said they should have thought about this.

Why didn't i buy ibm shares 20 years ago?

This guy but archer hathaway shares how many years ago?

It was 1980 for over $200 per share.

It is $170 per share more now.

He had a third-generation business in kansas.

He could not figure out how to stave off the competition, it was welding supplies.

He takes some of the cash and hears about warren buffett and take the company's cash and buys about 30 or 40 or 50 shares.

Now he owns 4003 hundred shares directly and is an investment manager.

He runs for funds from boulder colorado's. you mentioned there are other hidden billionaires?

We are looking for them.

We looked into corners of the world.

We looked at people who might have gotten berkshire stock when they sold their companies.

Then there are the original investors in warren buffett's pre-berkshire partnerships and the late 1950s and early 1960s and the people who invested perhaps more than $20,000 in those partnerships, if they took all the stock they were offered in berkshire hathaway at the time, they could have it.

We have not been able to pin that down just yet.

Great work on finding this guy.

A reminder, make sure you head to our exclusive index at

We got more warren buffett news -- he will always be known as warren buffet's grandson but howard buffett is trying a name for himself in other ways

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