Buffett: Gates Not Coming Back as Microsoft CEO

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Oct. 22 (Bloomberg) -- Warren Buffett, chairman/CEO at Berkshire Hathaway, explains why he believes Bill Gates will not return as CEO of Microsoft. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

His -- the power of his own purse, he has john on other sources of funding.

He is very busy.

He is busy on the berkshire board, too.

Playing bridge with you -- mostly on the foundation.

We do not want -- we want things to be working well.

There is a rumor that he might come back as microsoft's ceo.

I think the chances of that are zero.

He is doing exactly what he wants to do in life, he is doing it well.

It takes his energy.

He is flying around the world a significant percentage of the time.

He is engaging governments in his efforts.

He has got more than a full-time job at the gates foundation.

He cares about microsoft, he is

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