Buffalo Wild Wings CEO: Poultry Prices Are Moderate

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April 29 (Bloomberg) -- Buffalo Wild Wings CEO Sally Smith discusses poultry prices and the company's international expansion plans with Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Certainly our strong same-store sales.

We were held by the winter olympics.

The number of games went into overtime and we were able to have our overtime.

-- overtime commercial shown a number of times.

Those lower poultry prices certainly helped you out, given you are selling so many wings.

Definitely helped this year.

2013, 1 of the highest wing prices we have seen.

Probably a little bit more in the normal range of what we would see.

What do you anticipate going forward?

We put into our forecasts slight increases.

They typically dip in the summer and then start climbing again in the fall.

The pressure on beef and pork and people moving to chicken will provide a great supply for us.

Pretty moderate.

Let me ask you about the weather.

So many companies have come out and said our results are poor results and are the results of poor weather.

You have good results.

Do you think they could have been better had the weather been better?

It is really hard for us to tell if we have been in cap -- impacted by the weather.

It depends on the day of the week and what sporting event is on.

Our guests are pretty determined to get out and watch their favorite team play despite the weather.

I am sure guests figure out a way to get into buffalo wild wings.

Why are you optimistic right now?

Our first quarter is up to a great start.

If you take results from the first quarter and even putting in moderate results, maybe same-store sales moderating a bit, maybe a slight climb in chicken wings, we can get to that 25% year-over-year earnings growth.

How you get there is always a little different but we feel pretty comfortable on our ability to manage the business for the remainder of the year.

Upcoming sporting events, are they part of what you model in?

Class the nhl playoffs certainly helped in the last couple of weeks.

Overtime games there.

This year, in june, and of the second quarter, we will have the world cup of brazil.

That should drive guests in as compared to prior year.

Speaking of brazil, tell me about your international plans.

What company -- what countries have you seen succeed?

Class we think eventually buffalo wild wings works around the globe.

We currently have -- have three locations in mexico, which opened in the last six months.

Great results.

14 locations in canada and we are getting to open and buy in saudi arabia.

The philippines probably toward the end of the year, 2015. other companies we are working with on agreement, we think there is a huge amount of opportunity.

We think we can have somewhere around four locations.

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