Bubblews: Social Media Site That Pays You to Post

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July 18 (Bloomberg) –- Bubblews President and Co-Founder Jason Zuccari and CEO and Co-Founder Arvind Dixit discuss their social network where people get a share of the profits. They speak on “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

If you want people on your network this is one way to do it.

For so long we have been having these social networks that have built models of advertising revenue.

I think it is time where we give back to the user.

How much money could i theoretically make here?

There are people who are making $50 a month.

It depends on how big the network is.

We never built its for people to quit their day job or to become rich.

It was just the notion of being fair.

So people get a share of the profits.

How did you come up with the idea?

We were reading how a lot of these social networks were in the world's largest forces.

We can change that.

We can build a business where people providing a service to us should be compensated.

Can you explain to me how it works?

It take 60 seconds to sign up.

You can start posting immediately.

You get a share of our advertisement revenue.

Do i get a check in the mail?

We currently pay out through paypal.

We are looking for him and -- for other payment processes down the road.

We haven't adopted that yes.

-- adopted that yet.

Social networking, crypto currency.

How many users do we have right now?

We have 200,000 members bringing in millions and

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