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Nov. 25 (Bloomberg) -- Pogoplug co-founder Andrea Chavez explains how SafePlug allows users to browse the Internet anonymously. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

It is very simple, you plug it into your router and attach our.

What it does is it just bounces your address all over the internet.

It is very hard to track.

One way to think of it is if you are being followed at night and you know someone is behind you, what would you do?

Continue to your destination or go back home?

You would probably take a lot of twists, turns, and pitstops to throw off who is following you.

How much does it cost?

$50. the technology behind it was used by the navy?

It was developed by the naval research lab.

Fly would every company not be using this technology?

Ironically, it was developed because the navy needed a very secure and safe, free way of communicating.

That is why they developed it.

I think the reason everybody is not using it now is because there has never been a device like this.

We have tried to make military grade technology available to everybody.

Without a device like this, it is a bit hard to set up.

It involves installing software on all of your computers.

Taking this indirect route, could it slow down your service?

It could've little bit, but it is easy to turn on and off, so you can kind of decide -- when you do not want people to be watching you, essentially?


I had a terrible day, i will be owing to vent about my employer, maybe you want to turn this on, but if you have little kids like i do, i worry a lot about safety and any time they use an ipad or a computer they are telling the whole world -- hey, this is where i live.

It is as if they went around handing their address to everyone, if they did that you would probably want to shut it down.

Is it an essay proof?

It has never been breached and there are no backdoors.

How would you know?

[laughter] reputedly it has never been breached.

What is the target guardians here?

Regular people?


It is all about families, unlimited cloud storage is offered to families for five dollars per month.

We are always trying to think of ways to make it that are, safer.

People are putting their most precious memories in the cloud.

We wanted to be the best possible.

While we were thinking about that this just seemed like a natural addition.

What about it being used for bad things, like criminals, hackers being used to protect themselves?

There are always some bad apples in the bushel, all technology poses that risk, but by and marge the network is used for very legitimate purposes, used by journalists, dissidents, law enforcement.

All right, interesting stuff.

$50? $50. all right, plug yourself.

Thank you so much for joining us today.

We will have more of "bloomberg

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