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Dec. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Ooyala CEO Jay Fulcher discusses delivering content to digital consumers. He speaks with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television's “Money Moves.” (Source: Bloomberg)

How is it different from netflix?

It is helping all kinds of media companies compete with netflix in many ways.

Netflix has its own original content and has been a streaming service for many years.

As digital audiences are massing online, we are helping to arm all media companies to have the same kind of technology at their disposal.

We are helping them to compete more effectively with netflix.

I'm looking at your list of customers.

They include brands that we know , brands of content.

Yes p.m., comedy central.


What do they want most from you?

A think in general, the biggest thing these businesses are beginning to acknowledge is data is power.

They want to know as much as possible about their audiences.

Xbox one --ooyala provides the industry's most robust analytics when it comes to measuring consumption and audience.

They are using those insights, that information to be able to make content decisions to better monetize and create advertising possibilities around that content and generally provide a personalization for every consumer out there.

I heard you say data is key.

Do you see what is happening in visual media the same as what happened to music in the 1990's? i think in general there is a big difference.

We may have a slightly different opinion than others.

Folks have talked about this combination or convergence between broadcast and broadband as being somewhat revolutionary.

We see it more evolutionary.

10 years later, we're still watching primarily the same content we were 10 years ago.

Whether it is live sports, the biggest audience producer, or episodic television or feature- length films, the reality is people are watching the same things.

The other reality is there is the same number of producers there always was.

It is very expensive to produce original content.

That provides for a smaller, consistent group of content producers over the years.

What is different is the living room experience is no longer the determining factor for television.

People are consuming content where they want, how they want, on the devices they prefer.

It is that proliferation of streams and the content available across those that is the difference today.

Basically you're saying content is king.

The screen does not matter because we watch on all size screens.

I heard you reference sports.

For a live event, this is the category winner.

It is clear numbers.

Is average, normal t.v. dead?

Sports is the dominant factor whether you're talking about american football or european soccer or the upcoming world cup.

Those are seminal events.

They are global in nature.

They lend themselves to be provided across all the screens that matter, not just the experience in the living room, but your cell phone, mobile phones, tablets.

There is a strong level of consumption across all of those screens.

From last year to this year, tablet and mobile consumption is up more than 130%. we have to leave it there.

Thank you thank you, ceo of ooyala.


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